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    This package is used to easily precompile Sass files within Stencil components. Internally this plugin uses a pure JavaScript implementation of Sass. Please see the Behavioral Differences from Ruby Sass doc if issues have surfaced since upgrading from previous versions which used used the node-sass implementation.

    First, npm install within the project:

    npm install @stencil/sass --save-dev

    Next, within the project's stencil config, import the plugin and add it to the config's plugins property:


    import { Config } from '@stencil/core';
    import { sass } from '@stencil/sass';
    export const config: Config = {
      plugins: [

    During development, this plugin will kick-in for .scss or .sass style urls, and precompile them to CSS.


    Sass options can be passed to the plugin within the stencil config, which are used directly by sass. Please reference sass documentation for all available options. Note that this plugin automatically adds the component's directory to the includePaths array.

    Inject Globals Sass Paths

    The injectGlobalPaths config is an array of paths that automatically get added as @import declarations to all components. This can be useful to inject Sass variables, mixins and functions to override defaults of external collections. For example, apps can override default Sass variables of Ionic components. Relative paths within injectGlobalPaths should be relative to the stencil config file.

    exports.config = {
      plugins: [
          injectGlobalPaths: [

    Note that each of these files are always added to each component, so in most cases they shouldn't contain CSS because it'll get duplicated in each component. Instead, injectGlobalPaths should only be used for Sass variables, mixins and functions, but does not contain any CSS.



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    npm i @stencil/sass

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