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    Help build nodes for stating.

    Each stating node is a function. This package helps build common node functions.

    See stating package to learn about how these nodes are added to a stating instance.


    npm install --save @stating/builder


    // returns a builder function
    var buildBuilder = require('@stating/builder')
    // build a new builder to add plugins to and use
    var builder = buildBuilder()
    // add a plugin which provides a static string consumer node.
    // now build a node to match the word "true"
    var trueNode = builder.string('true')
    // trueNode is a function which will wait for 4 bytes of input
    // and then test if the next 4 bytes is 'true'.
    // it will if it's not.
    // it will if it is.
    // add it to your stating instance:
    stating.add('true', trueNode)
    // create others ...
    // and add more plugins and use them...
    // load some plugins when building it:
    builder = buildBuilder({
      // if some plugins to load are local modules set the root:
      root: __dirname,
      // provide shared options to plugins:
      options: {},
      load: [
        // list stuff to load.
        // the same things you'd provide to builder.use()


    1. @stating/string-plugin
    2. TODO: more plugins...
    3. feel free to ask to contribute plugins to the @stating scope

    Make a Plugin

    Here's a super simple example to see the three parts:

    1. the exported plugin function for builder.use()
    2. the exported build function placed onto the builder
    3. a stating node function which is used repeatedly
    // see `stating` package for what to do in a node.
    // this one simply calls next(). it does nothing really.
    function next(control, nodes) {
      // NOTE: this would do analysis work and choose to
      // wait() next() or fail()...
    // the build function added to the builder by this plugin.
    // it returns the same node function all the time.
    function myBuild() {
      // NOTE: this could generate a closure based on
      // the args provided.
      return someFn
    // export the plugin function added to @stating/builder
    module.exports = function myPlugin(options, builder) {
      // simply add the build function to the builder
      builder.myBuild = myBuild
      // NOTE:
      //  could do more work here. make closures.
      //  assign multiple functions.
      //  some functions could rely on others by using `this`
      //  in them.

    Debugging Breakpoint

    To add a debugging breakpoint wrap the generated function and set a breakpoint.

    function wrappedTrueNode(control, N, context) {
      // set a breakpoint here... then step into trueNode., control, N, context)  
    // add the wrapped version instead.
    stating.add('true', wrappedTrueNode)

    MIT License


    npm i @stating/builder

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