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Nitro Protocol

Smart contracts which implement nitro protocol for state channel networks on Ethereum, Filecoin and other EVM-compatible chains. Includes javascript and typescript support.

🆕 There is an accompanying documentation website.


.../my-statechannel-app> npm install --save @statechannels/nitro-protocol

Getting started

Building your state channel application contract against our interface:

Please see this section of our docs.

Import precompiled artifacts for deployment/testing

const {NitroAdjudicatorArtifact, ConsensusAppArtifact, VirtualPaymentAppArtifact} =

Import typescript types

import {State} from '@statechannels/nitro-protocol';

const state: State = {
  channelNonce: 0,
  participants: ['0xalice...', '0xbob...'],
  appDefinition: '0xabc...',
  challengeDuration: '0x258',
  outcome: [],
  appData: '0x',
  turnNum: 0,
  isFinal: false,

For more information see this section of our docs

Import javascript helper functions

import {getChannelId, getFixedPart} from '@statechannels/nitro-protocol';

const channelId = getChannelId(getFixedPart(state));

Development (GitHub)

We use hardhat to develop smart contracts. You can run the solidity compiler in watch mode like this:

npx hardhat watch compilation

For the goerli testnet:

After successfully deploying you should see some changes to addresses.json. Please raise a pull request with this updated file.

INFURA_TOKEN=[your token here] RINKEBY_DEPLOYER_PK=[private key used for rinkeby deploy] yarn contract:deploy-goerli

For mainnet

WARNING: This can be expensive. Each contract will take several million gas to deploy. Choose your moment and gas price wisely!

INFURA_TOKEN=[your token here] MAINNET_DEPLOYER_PK=[private key used for mainnet deploy] yarn contract:deploy-mainnet --gasprice [your-chosen-gasPrice-here]

To a local blockchain (for testing)

Contract deployment is handled automatically by our test setup scripts. Note that a different set of contracts is deployed when testing. Those contracts expose some helper functions that should not exist on production contracts.

Verifying on etherscan

This is a somewhat manual process, but easier than using the etherscan GUI.

After deployment, run

ETHERSCAN_API_KEY=<a-secret> INFURA_TOKEN=<another-secret> yarn hardhat --network rinkeby verify <DeployedContractAddress> 'ConstructorArgs'

for each contract you wish to verify. Swap rinkeby for mainnet as appropriate!

You need to provide both ETHERSCAN_API_KEY and INFURA_TOKEN for this to work. For more info, see the docs.

Verifying NitroAdjudicator on Filecoin Calibration testnet

CALIBRATION_DEPLOYER_PK="<deploy_priv_key>" npx hardhat deploy --tags deploy-fvm --network calibration
npx hardhat starboard-verify NitroAdjudicator <nitro_adjudicator_address>

Starboard is a Filecoin blockchain explorer. The above command utilizes a hardhat plugin called starboard-verify to verify the contract on that explorer.




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