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    Nitro Protocol

    Smart contracts that implement nitro protocol for state channel networks on ethereum. Includes javascript and typescript support.

    There is an accompanying documentation website.

    A full description of nitro protocol and it's capabilities can be found in a whitepaper.


    .../my-statechannel-app> npm install --save @statechannels/nitro-protocol

    Getting started

    Building your state channel application contract against our interface:

    pragma solidity ^0.7.0;
    pragma experimental ABIEncoderV2;
    import '@statechannels/nitro-protocol/contracts/interfaces/IForceMoveApp.sol';
    import '@statechannels/nitro-protocol/contracts/Outcome.sol';
    contract MyStateChannelApp is IForceMoveApp {
      function validTransition(
        VariablePart memory a,
        VariablePart memory b,
        uint256 turnNumB,
        uint256 nParticipants
      ) public override pure returns (bool) {
        Outcome.OutcomeItem[] memory outcomeA = abi.decode(a.outcome, (Outcome.OutcomeItem[]));
        Outcome.OutcomeItem[] memory outcomeB = abi.decode(b.outcome, (Outcome.OutcomeItem[]));
        /* The rest of your logic */
        return true;

    Import precompiled artifacts for deployment/testing

    const {
    } = require('@statechannels/nitro-protocol').ContractArtifacts;

    Import typescript types

    import {Channel} from '@statechannels/nitro-protocol';
    const channel: Channel = {
      chainId: '0x1',
      channelNonce: 0,
      participants: ['0xalice...', '0xbob...'],

    Import javascript helper functions

    import {getChannelId} from '@statechannels/nitro-protocol';
    const channelId = getChannelId(channel);

    Development (GitHub)

    We use etherlime for smart contract development.

    To get started:

    1. Download the repo, cd into the directory and run yarn install
    2. Run yarn install.
    3. Run yarn test.

    Documentation website (GitHub)

    1. Run yarn docgen to auto-generate markdown files from compiled Solidity code (using our fork of solidoc). If you change the source code you will need to recompile the contracts and re-run solidoc using yarn contract:compile && yarn docgen.
    2. Run cd website
    3. Run yarn install
    4. Run yarn start

    See for more information.

    NB: you may run into difficulty running docgen / solidoc if you have the native solc compiler installed at the incorrect version number. You may refer to the circle config.yml at the monorepo root to check which version is being used as a part of our continuous integration.

    To add a new version of the docs, follow the instructions at We try to keep the documentation version in sync with the @statechannels/nitro-protocol npm package.

    Deploying contracts

    For the rinkeby testnet:

    After succesfully deploying you should see some changes to addresses.json. Please raise a pull request with this updated file.

    INFURA_TOKEN=[your token here] RINKEBY_DEPLOYER_PK=[private key used for rinkeby deploy] yarn contract:deploy-rinkeby

    For mainnet

    WARNING: This can be expensive. Each contract will take several million gas to deploy. Choose your moment and gas price wisely!

    INFURA_TOKEN=[your token here] MAINNET_DEPLOYER_PK=[private key used for mainnet deploy] yarn contract:deploy-mainnet --gasprice [your-chosen-gasPrice-here]

    To a local blockchain (for testing)

    Contract deployment is handled automatically by our test setup scripts. Note that a different set of contracts is deployed when testing. Those contracts expose some helper functions that should not exist on production contracts.

    Verifying on etherscan

    This is a somewhat manual process, but easier than using the etherscan GUI.

    After deployment, run

    ETHERSCAN_API_KEY=<a-secret> INFURA_TOKEN=<another-secret> yarn hardhat --network rinkeby verify <DeployedContractAddress> 'ConstructorArgs'

    for each contract you wish to verify. Swap rinkeby for mainnet as appropriate.

    You need to provide both ETHERSCAN_API_KEY and INFURA_TOKEN for this to work. For more info, see the docs.


    npm i @statechannels/nitro-protocol

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