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WARNING: This project has been renamed to @starkware-industries/starkex-js. Install using @starkware-industries/starkex-js instead.

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JavaScript SDK for StarkEx

starkex-clientlib-js is a JavaScript wrapper around the StarkEx API that can be used in both NodeJS and Browser environments.

starkex-clientlib-js is written in ECMAScript6 and strongly typed and transpiled to ECMAScript5 using TypeScript.


This package is Typescript ready

// using npm
npm i starkex-clientlib-js

// using yarn
yarn add starkex-clientlib-js

How to use it

The library is a default export.


To use it browser, you need to use the code from browser.js file.]()

<script src="path-to-local-library/browser.js"></script>

or via CDN

<script src="https://path-to-cdn-library/browser.js"></script>

In this scenario, the library will be bound to the global window object with the property StarkExAPI.

window.StarkExAPI or simple StarkExAPI can be used to access the library.

If you have a toolchain available you can use an import statement.

import StarkExAPI from 'starkex-clientlib-js/browser';
const StarkExAPI = require('starkex-clientlib-js/browser');

Because is a default export, here you can import it with what name you want


For NodeJS environment, just replace browser with node

import StarkExAPI from 'starkex-clientlib-js/node';
const StarkExAPI = require('starkex-clientlib-js/node');


The object imported is a class that first needs to be instantiated:

new StarkExAPI(config: StarkExClientConfig): StarkExClient;

Where config is a configuration object of form:

interface StarkExClientConfig {
  endpoint: string;
  // optional - relevant only for node environment
  certs?: {
    cert: string;
    key: string;
    ca?: string;


const starkExAPI = new StarkExAPI({
  endpoint: ''

Example with certs (NodeJS environment)

const starkExAPI = new StarkExAPI({
  endpoint: '',
  certs: {
    cert: 'USER_CERT',
    key: 'USER_KEY'

The StarkExClient object returned from the constructor exposing the different gateways existing on this API:

public gateway: Gateway

This is the StarkEx Services HTTP gateway version2 for all external trading interactions.

Example for is_alive

const isAlive = await starkExAPI.gateway.isAlive();
console.log(isAlive); // gateway is alive!

Example for get_first_unused_tx_id

const txId = await starkExAPI.gateway.getFirstUnusedTxId();
console.log(txId); // 69

Example for a DepositRequest

const request = {
  amount: 4029557120079369747,
  starkKey: "0x7c65c1e82e2e662f728b4fa42485e3a0a5d2f346baa9455e3e70682c2094cac",
  tokenId: "0x2dd48fd7a024204f7c1bd874da5e709d4713d60c8a70639eb1167b367a9c378",
  vaultId: 1654615998
const response = await starkExAPI.gateway.deposit(request);
console.log(response); // {"code": "TRANSACTION_PENDING"}

Full API docs for gateway can be found here.

public feederGateway: FeederGateway

This is the StarkEx Services HTTP gateway for feeder interactions. The Feeder is a gateway to the StarkEx system for retrieving transaction batch information by external parties

Example for get_batch_ids

const batchIds = await starkExAPI.feederGateway.getBatchIds();
console.log(batchIds); // [10000, 12345]

Full API docs for feederGateway can be found here.

public availabilityGateway: AvailabilityGateway

This is the StarkEx Services HTTP gateway for committee interactions.

Example for get_batch_data

const batchId = 5678;
const batchData = await starkExAPI.availabilityGateway.getBatchData(batchId);
console.log(batchData); // {...}

Full API docs for availabilityGateway can be found here.

Note: All results will be exactly the raw response from the API.

API Docs

Click here for full API documentation.


npm i @starkware-industries/starkex-clientlib-js

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