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    npm i @stackr23/webpack

    includes all packages related to webpack:
    *-loader's, babel-presets/plugins, typescript-presets/plugins, karma-plugins + puppeteer, sass/postcss, etc.


    Info: no need to add babel config for webpack usage,
    as it is already included in webpacks babel-loader options

    node - default

    // webpack.config.js
    module.exports = require('@stackr23/webpack');

    node - extended

    // webpack.config.js
    const stackr23Webpack = require('@stackr23/webpack');
    module.exports = (env, args) => {
      const config = stackr23Webpack(env, ...args);
      // modify config as you need
      config.plugins.push(new MySpecialPlugin());
      return config;


    webpack-dev --config ./node_modules/@stackr23/webpack or
    webpack-dev-server --config ./node_modules/@stackr23/webpack

    node - project types

    @stackr23/webpack is able to handle different types of projects:

    • react: React with Javascript and Typescript (default)
    • planned for future releases:
      • angular:: Angular - not available yet
      • react-next: NextJs - not available yet
    // webpack.config.js
    const stackr23Webpack = require('@stackr23/webpack');
    module.exports = (env) => {
      return stackr23Webpack(env, { type: 'react' });


    can be overwritten by ENV VARS

    name default env overwrite
    PATHS.src 'src' WEBPACK_PATH
    PATHS.assets 'assets' WEBPACK_ASSETS
    PATHS.build 'build' WEBPACK_BUILD
    PORT 8080 PORT


    Module Resolver

    • enables absolute import paths
      like import Header from 'components/Header'

    • uses 'tsconfig-paths-webpack-plugin' to resolve import paths
      requires: workspaceRoot/tsconfig.json

    • if tsconfig.json is not present it won't use that plugin
      and uses the default resolve config:

        resolve: {
          extensions: ['.jsx', '.js', '.ts', '.tsx', '.json'],
          // paths are relative to workspace root
          alias:      { assets: PATHS.assets },
          modules:    [PATHS.src, 'node_modules'],
      • if you use '/src' you probably don't have to change anything
      • overwrite PATHS.src with WEBPACK_PATH (see constants)
    • you can overwrite this config to fit your projects module resolvement,
      if you add 'webpack.config.resolve.js' to your workspaceRoot
      (use format of 'src/webpack.config.resolve.js')

    remote console

    // on client
    import { remoteConsoleInjector } from '@stackr23/webpack/remoteConsole';

    all native console outputs are sent to our endpoint of remote-console,
    and get catched server-side to log them in the terminal.

    The endpoint '/remote-console' is injected per webpack-dev-server's 'before' function:
    webpackConfig.devServer.before = stackr23Middlewares

    TODO: see issues #17 and #39


    before exporting the config,
    we check if the port is free to use and throw an Error, if not.

    Integration Tests per 'karma-webpack'

    may be moved to own package together with cypress setup in undefined future

    npm i karma --save-dev npx karma start ./node_modules/@stackr23/webpack/karma

    Karma is a test runner for JavaScript applications with several features integrated:

    • real browser instances - no fake DOM!
      supports Chrome, Firefox, IE11+, Safari
      uses headless chrome in CI environment
    • native webpack module bundling
      'karma-webpack' lets you use your projects webpack config
    • built-in mocha runner
      • 'chai' for unit-test assertions (expect, should, ...)
      • 'enzyme' for integration-tests (shallow, mount, render)
      • 'chai-enzyme' for extended integration-tests assetions


    karma - src/test/karma.config.js
    contains karma-config: file pattern, karma plugins, browser settings, usw, ...

    mocha - src/test/mocha.setup.js
    contains mocha setup: configures chai-enzyme and sets up global assertion functions

    Writing Tests

    • example integration tests
      /test/App.spec.js and /test/components/Test.spec.js
    • component related assertions ➡️ 'chai-enzyme'


    npm i @stackr23/webpack

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