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Staart Site

Staart Site is a static site generator for helpdesk or documentation websites written in TypeScript. It creates beautiful, accessible, and ultra-lightweight websites that score 100/100 on Lightbox.

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🌟 Features

  • Zero-config, no setup required
  • Scores 100/100 on Lighthouse
  • Sitemap & schema data for SEO
  • 1.2kb minzipped CSS, dark & light theme

💻 Getting started

The easiest way is to use npx to generate a static site in your current working directory:

npx @staart/site

You should see something like the following output in your terminal:

✔  success   Start Site built in 0.39s

Alternately, you can add the package as a devDependency:

npm install @staart/site --save-dev

Then, run the site command to generate your static site:

npm run site

Or programmatically use the generate function:

import { generate } from "@staart/site";
generate({ /* options */ })
  .then(() => console.log("Completed"))
  .catch(error => console.error(error));

📝 Documentation

🛠️ Configuration

You can create a .staartrc file or another Cosmiconfig-compatible configuration file, like staart.config.js or the staart key in package.json. You can also supply these options as an object parameter to the generate function.

Option Description Default
title Name of the site Staart Site
repo URL to git repository repository key in package.json
contentDir Folder with markdown content ./content
distDir Output directory ./public
assetsDir Static assets directory ./assets
templatePath HTML template file path ./index.html
stylePath Scss stylesheet path style.scss
homePath Markdown file path for homepage
hostname Base URL for sitemap http://localhost:8080
themeColor Main theme color #0e632c
textColor Dark text color #001b01
linkColor Hyperlink color #0e632c
lightColor Light text color #ffffff
navbar Array of filenames for navbar Root files/folders in contentDir
footerNavbar Array of filenames for footer []
contentFileExt File extension for content files md
keepHomeHeading Show h1 heading on homepage false
ignoreReplaceTitle Don't update <title> from title false
ignoreReplaceDescription Don't update meta description false
ignoreReplaceAuthor Don't update footer author false
ignoreReplaceYear Don't update copyright year false
noHome Don't generate index.html false
noSitemap Don't generate sitemaps false
noContentList Don't add content lists false
noDelayWithoutToken Don't delay GitHub API requests false
noLastModified Don't add last modified commit info false
noGenerator Don't add meta generator tag false
noSyntaxHighlighting Disable code syntax highlighting false
noShieldSchema Don't generate Shields schema false
shieldSchemaLabel Label text for Shields schema docs
shieldSchemaColor Badge color in Shields schema blueviolet

Staart Site also uses the repository and author fields for copyright/last modified information, but you can overwrite them using the configuration above.

🏗️ Built with Staart Site

🏁 Staart Ecosystem

The Staart ecosystem consists of open-source projects to build your SaaS startup, written in TypeScript.

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🌐 Staart UI Frontend Vue.js Progressive Web App Travis CI Docs npm package version
📑 Staart Site Static site generator for docs/helpdesk Travis CI Docs npm package version
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🎨 Staart.css Sass/CSS framework and utilities Travis CI Docs npm package version

💝 Sponsors

The development of Staart projects is supported by these wonderful companies. Find us on OpenCollective

Oswald Labs



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