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Squidex Node Library

The Squidex Node.js library provides access to the Squidex API from JavaScript and TypeScript. Can be used in node and in the browser.

Requires TypeScript 4.5 or higher.


npm shield fern shield


API reference documentation is available here.


npm install @squidex/squidex
# or
yarn add @squidex/squidex


Try it out

import { SquidexClient, SquidexInMemoryTokenStore, SquidexStorageTokenStore } from "@squidex/squidex";

const client = new SquidexClient({
    clientId: "client-id",
    clientSecret: "client-secret",
    appName: "my-app",
    // environment: "https://your.squidex-deployment",
    // tokenStore: new SquidexInMemoryTokenStore(),
    // tokenStore: new SquidexStorageTokenStore() // Keep the tokens in the local store.
    // tokenStore: new SquidexStorageTokenStore(sessionStorage, "CustomKey")

const response = await client.rules.runRule("rule-id", {
    fromSnapshots: true,

console.log("Received response from Squidex!", response);

Handling errors

When the API returns a non-success status code (4xx or 5xx response), a subclass of SquidexError will be thrown:

import { Squidex } from "@squidex/squidex";

try {
    const response = await client.rules.runRule("rule-id", {
        fromSnapshots: true,
} catch (err) {
  if (err instanceof Squidex.BadRequestError) {

Error codes are as followed:

Status Code Error Type
400 BadRequestError
403 ForbiddenError
404 NotFoundError
409 ConflictError
413 ContentTooLargeError
500 InternalServerError
501 NotImplementedError

Release Candidate status

This SDK is a release candidate, and there may be breaking changes between versions without a major version update. Therefore, we recommend pinning the package version to a specific version in your package.json file. This way, you can install the same version each time without breaking changes unless you are intentionally looking for the latest version.

Usage in TypeScript ESM Projects

Learn more about ESM here.

To ensure maximum compatability, the Squidex Node SDK is transpiled to CJS JavaScript. If your project is TypeScript ESM, make sure to enable esModuleInterop in your tsconfig.json so that the imports in this package work correctly.

  "compilerOptions": {
    "esModuleInterop": true,


While we value open-source contributions to this SDK, this library is generated programmatically. Additions made directly to this library would have to be moved over to our generation code, otherwise they would be overwritten upon the next generated release. Feel free to open a PR as a proof of concept, but know that we will not be able to merge it as-is. We suggest opening an issue first to discuss with us!

On the other hand, contributions to the README are always very welcome!




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