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This package contains components needed to embed SQL Frames into Docusaurus. It is accompanied with another package called @sqlframes/docusaurus-plugin that provides the docusaurus plugin functionality.

Usage within Docusaurus

Within docusaurus content such as pages, docs or blog posts, it is possible to embed analytics components that completely run within the browser using this package.

import { REPL } from '@sqlframes/docusaurus-components';


return DataFrame.fromURL('https://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/feed/v1.0/summary/all_month.csv');




Following parameters are available

param default description
inputVisible false whether the REPL code is visible by default to the end user. By default only the REPL output is visible
readOnly true for production mode, false for development mode By default REPL input is read-only. This allows end users to view the code but not modify it
script void 0 Usual way of providing the default script to run by the REPL is by embedding code block within the REPL tags as shown above. However, it is also possible to provide it as a parameter.
run true Whether to run the script by default. Expensive computations can be left to end user to decide to explicitly execute. These code blocks shouldn't introduce new scoped variables that are used by other blocks as they are not executed by default.

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