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    Squads Based CLI

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    Interact with the Squads Multisig Program through a simple CLI.
    The CLI program runs against the Solana program at BASEDWVF6xeXTJSrk99cbMCwGFtaUvFLihpg6ki9UWX3, which is set as non-upgradeable.


    Nodejs version >= 16

    Installing the CLI tool

    npm install -g @sqds/based

    Running the tool

    Running the simple command will start the tool and ask a few setup questions for the wallet and the network cluster.

    Cluster Option

    Providing the cluster will bypass the question upon startup
    squads-based --cluster


    There are 2 ways to create multisig transactions

    1. Using a base58 encoded serialization of the Transaction message
    2. Creating a raw draft, and adding each instruction individually

    It is important to note, that the signer of any multisig transaction for proper execution must be the relevant authority. For most cases, this will be the vault address that is show from the vault menu, and will usually default to the authority index of 1 when creating a transaction draft (unless otherwise specified).

    If attaching an instruction to a draft, you'll need to add the data as a base58 encoded version of the data buffer.
    Make sure that all instructions for any given transaction thats created for the multisig has the proper signer as the relevant authority. If there is an additional signer, it MUST be a member of the multisig and strictly the member that executes it, or else it will fail.

    Important Notes

    If creating a multisig, it will automatically fund the default vault/authority with .001 SOL. This helps with certain clients that require destinations to have lamports in a system account.

    DO NOT use the multisig address to receive funds or act as an authority. Any treasury, vault, or authority based transactions should be associated with a proper authority address. In the context of this CLI tool, it will be shown as the default vault address in the vault or settings menu.


    Join the Squads discord at or reach out to the team on Twitter at @SquadsProtocol and ask how to be a contributor!


    npm i @sqds/based

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