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    Heartwood Components

    Heartwood is a design system made of foundational decisions that ensure cohesion, allow for flexibility, and enable a smooth workflow.


    1. Translate static designs into live components built with HTML, CSS, and client-side JS
    2. Generate styles to be used by React components in React Sprucebot


    1. git clone this repo
    2. cd sprucebot-heartwood
    3. Install node modules: nvm use && yarn
    4. Install Gulp and Fractal CLI tools installed globally: yarn global @frctl/fractal && yarn global gulp-cli

    Running the project locally

    1. Start Fractal with fractal start --sync
    2. Run Gulp to compile Sass to CSS: gulp watch

    If you're running this project with react-sprucebot, you can pull in the local stylesheet by adding its url to .env, i.e. STYLESHEETS=http://xxx.xxx.xxx:3000/stylesheets/heartwood-components.css.


    1. New components should be added on feature branches, i.e. feature/my-new-component
    2. Documentation updates (anything in the doc directory) should be added to feature/documentation
    3. Open pull requests against master

    Deploying to Github Pages

    1. Build Fractal as a static site: fractal build
    2. Compile styles and js: gulp styles && gulp js
    3. Run the deploy script: yarn deploy


    Install the node module: yarn add @sprucelabs/heartwood-components

    As Sass import (Recommended)

    Import in Sass file:

    @import ~@sprucelabs / heartwood-components/stylesheets/global.scss;

    Default variables can be overriden when the stylesheet is compiled. For example, to use red as a primary color:

    $c-primary: red;
    @import ~@sprucelabs / heartwood-components/stylesheets/global.scss;

    You can also selectively import parts of this library to keep your generated stylesheets smaller, i.e.

    @import ~@sprucelabs / heartwood-components/stylesheets/core/core-styles;
    @import ~@sprucelabs / heartwood-components/stylesheets/base/normalize;
    @import ~@sprucelabs / heartwood-components/stylesheets/base/reset;
    @import ~@sprucelabs / heartwood-components/stylesheets/base/base;
    @import ~@sprucelabs / heartwood-components/stylesheets/base/utilities;
    @import ~@sprucelabs / heartwood-components/stylesheets/base/type;
    @import ~@sprucelabs / heartwood-components/components/01-button/button;

    Note that when using this approach, you must import stylesheets/core/core-styles in order to import any component stylesheets.

    With Webpack

    Import all styles: import '@sprucelabs/heartwood-components/stylesheets/global.scss'

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