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Spree Commerce - a headless open-source ecommerce platform for multi-store, marketplace, or B2B global brands

Spree Admin Dashboard

This is the default Spree Admin Dashboard.

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Key Features

  • Mobile-first - works great on any device!
  • Manage Product Catalog, Orders, Customers, Returns, Shipments and all other eCommerce crucial activities
  • Multi-Store support out of the box
  • Built-in CMS for Pages and Navigation
  • Easily add 3rd party integrations such as Payments, Tax calculation services and Shipping couriers
  • Easy customization to suit your needs
  • Modern tech-stack based on Hotwire (Stimulus & Turbo)


Fire up your own instance in the cloud:

Deploy Deploy to Render

Default credentials:

  • login: spree@example.com
  • password: spree123


Spree Admin Dashboard is bundled with Spree Starter and we recommend following Spree Getting Started guide.

You can also add Spree and Admin Dashboard to an existing Ruby on Rails application as well.



Spree Admin Dashboard is an open source project and we love contributions in any form - pull requests, issues, feature ideas!

Please review the Spree Contributing Guide

Development Setup (JavaScript)

When working on the JavaScript in Spree Dashboard locally, you will need to yarn link your local development copy of @spree/dashboard, to the Rails app you are working in, so that your changes are picked up and represented live in the view.

From the root of spree_backend run:

yarn link

Next, from the root of the Rails app you are using to develop run:

yarn link "@spree/dashboard"

Once your local Spree Dashboard is linked with the Rails app you are using for development you will need two terminal tabs open, one at the root of your Rails app, and one at the root of spree_backend.

In the terminal window at the root of the spree_backend run:

yarn watch

And from the Rails app you are using to run Spree and develop in run the following:


Any changes made to the JavaScript files in spree_backend will be processed by yarn and picked up in the Rails app you are running for development.

Local setup

  1. Fork it!

  2. Clone the repository

  3. Create test application:

    cd spree_backend
    bundle install
    bundle exec rake test_app

Running tests

Entire test suite (this can take some time!)

bundle exec rspec

Single test file:

bundle exec rspec spec/features/admin/users_spec.rb

ChromeDriver is required for feature tests. On MacOS you can install it by running:

brew install chromedriver


Spree Admin Dashboard is released under the New BSD License.




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