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    Genius Scan SDK Cordova plugin


    This Cordova plugin allows you to access the Genius Scan SDK core features from a Cordova application:

    • Automatic document detection
    • Document perspective correction
    • Image enhancement with 4 different modes (Grayscale, Color, Black & white, Photo)


    This plugin is based on the Genius Scan SDK for which you need to setup a licence. You can aleady try the "demo" version for free by not setting a licence key, the only limitation being that the app will exit after 60 seconds.

    To buy a licence or for any question regarding the SDK, please contact us at sdk@thegrizzlylabs.com!

    Demo application

    As an example, you can check our demo application


    This plugin requires cordova-cli above 7.0.0: see this page for upgrading if you have an older version.

    Platform-specific requirements

    • iOS: cordova-ios above 4.3.0 Nothing to do on a new project; use cordova platform update ios --save within your existing cordova project to upgrade it.
    • Android: cordova-android at least 6.x.x

    Note for Xcode 10 users: Cordova-ios is not fully compatible with Xcode 10 yet, you may need to use cordova run ios --buildFlag="-UseModernBuildSystem=0" command to build the project properly

    Upgrade from an older version

    If you are using an older plugin version, you will first need to remove the plugin from your cordova project:

    cordova plugin remove @thegrizzlylabs/cordova-plugin-genius-scan

    Then you can install the new version following the instructions below.


    You can install the plugin with Cordova CLI, plugman, or using the config.yml file.

    Note for Phonegap, Ionic and other cordova-based tools:

    You can usually run cordova commands from the phonegap/ionic cli.

    • ionic cordova prepare
    • ionic cordova plugin add ....
    • phonegap cordova prepare (or, shorter phonegap prepare)
    • ...

    With Cordova CLI

    From your Cordova project folder, install the plugin with the following command:

    cordova plugin add @thegrizzlylabs/cordova-plugin-genius-scan

    With config.yml

    Add the following lines to your project's config.yml file:

    <plugin name="@thegrizzlylabs/cordova-plugin-genius-scan" spec="~2.3.0"/>

    And run cordova prepare.

    With plugman

    From your Cordova project folder, you can also use plugman to install the plugin only for a specific platform.

    plugman install --platform ios --project ./platforms/ios --plugin @thegrizzlylabs/cordova-plugin-genius-scan


    Once the deviceReady Cordova event has been fired, the following method will be available:

    Set the licence key

    cordova.plugins.GeniusScan.setLicenceKey(licenceKey, onSuccess, onFail)

    Initialize the SDK with a valid licence key. Note that, for testing purpose, you can also use the plugin without a licence key, but it will only work for 60 seconds.

    Param Type Description
    licenceKey String Genius scan licence key for your application id
    onSuccess Function Success callback function, called when key is valid
    onFail Function Error callback

    Scan an existing image

    cordova.plugins.GeniusScan.scanImage(imageFileUri, onSuccess, onFail, scanOptions)
    Param Type Description
    imageFileUri String file URI to the original JPEG file to be transformed with the plugin (Note: it won't be overriden by the plugin)
    onSuccess(fileUri) Function Callback function, called with the file URI of the processed JPEG output
    onFail Function Error callback
    scanOptions Object Scan Options

    Scan a picture from the camera

    cordova.plugins.GeniusScan.scanCamera(onSuccess, onFail, scanOptions)
    Param Type Description
    onSuccess(fileUri) Function Callback function, called with the file URI of the processed JPEG output
    onFail Function Error callback
    scanOptions Object Scan Options

    Generate a pdf from images

    cordova.plugins.GeniusScan.generatePDF(imageFileUris, onSuccess, onFail, pdfOptions)
    Param Type Description
    imageFileUris Array Array of URIs to JPEG files that will be converted, in the given order, into a pdf
    onSuccess(fileUri) Function Callback function, called with the file URI of the resulting PDF
    onFail Function Error callback
    pdfOptions Object Options for pdf generation
    pdfOptions.password String Password to protect the pdf

    Scan options

    scanOptions can be used to customize the scanning interface:

    Param Type Description
    scanOptions.defaultEnhancement String Force a specific image enhancement by default. Accepted values: cordova.plugins.GeniusScan.ENHANCEMENT_NONE, cordova.plugins.GeniusScan.ENHANCEMENT_BW, cordova.plugins.GeniusScan.ENHANCEMENT_COLOR, cordova.plugins.GeniusScan.ENHANCEMENT_PHOTO

    Error callback

    In case of failure, error callback function is called with an error message as a string

    Usage with Ionic

    You can use this plugin with any Cordova-based framework, for example Ionic. The way to detect that the device is ready is slightly different, but after that you also access the plugin with cordova.plugins.GeniusScan.scanImage(imageFileUri, onSuccess, onFail)

    In the controller where you need the plugin, you will have to import Platform and pass it to the constructor, and also declare the cordova variable so that TypeScript recognizes it.

    import { Platform } from 'ionic-angular';
    declare var cordova:any;
    export class HomePage {
      constructor(private platform: Platform) {
        platform.ready().then(() => {
          // platform.ready is the equivalent of the deviceReady event described above
          // the plugin method is now available:


    What if I get a validation error from App Store Connect?

    You must remove the x86_64 and i386 slices before submitting your application to the App Store. They are only used for the iOS smiulator and iTunes rejects any binary that contains non-ARM slices.

    They can stripped out with a script like this one.

    What should I do if my license is invalid?

    Make sure you have an ongoing contract with us. Contact us at sdk@thegrizzlylabs.com for any information.


    All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

    The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

    [2.4.2] - 2019-02-27


    • Compatibility with android-cordova >= v7.0.0


    • ENHANCEMENT_NONE default enhancement option
    • Cancel button on iOS camera screen
    • Auto trigger in Android

    [2.4.1] - 2018-12-05


    • Fix README

    [2.4.0] - 2018-12-05


    • PDF generation with generatePDF
    • Selecting an enhancement type by default with defaultEnhancement option


    • Fix crash on ipad when clicking "Edit" button
    • Fix error with too long activity result code


    npm i @spoonconsulting/cordova-plugin-genius-scan

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