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waci-pex-qr-react (Typescript)

Warning: This package still is in very early development. Breaking changes without notice will happen at this point!


A Sphereon SSI-SDK plugin to create an QR code and to verify using SIOPv2 or OIDC4. This plugin component is only supporting react and react-native frameworks.

It will be possible in future to request the issuer to issue credentials.


yarn add @sphereon/ssi-sdk-waci-pex-qr-react


yarn build


The usage scenario will include the plugin code to be integrated in the client code. A party will be requesting the recipient to either:

  1. authenticate itself to the requester
  2. inviting the issuer to issue a credential

The object fields required to generate the QR code will depend on the type of request and the acceptable values. The possible accept value may be:

  1. oidc4vp
  2. siopv2+oidc4vp
  3. siopv2
  4. didcomm/v2

Importing the plugin

import { QrCodeProvider } from '@sphereon/ssi-sdk-waci-pex-qr-react'

// Include in the interface
// const agent = createAgent<...  QrCodeProvider>

Adding plugin to the agent

plugins: [
    new QrCodeProvider()

Export for the function

export const createSsiQrCode = agent.ssiQrCode

The function declared in agent can be imported for usage like below:

import { createSsiQrCode } from '../agent'
import { QRContent, QRType } from '@sphereon/ssi-sdk-waci-pex-qr-react'

Inside the component we can declare or get the values to pass to QR Code plugin

import { WaciOobProps } from '@sphereon/ssi-sdk-waci-pex-qr-react'

function getOobQrCodeProps(): QRRenderingProps {
  return {
    baseUrl: 'https://example.com/?oob=',
    type: QRType.SIOPV2,
    id: '599f3638-b563-4937-9487-dfe55099d900',
    from: 'did:key:zrfdjkgfjgfdjk',
    object: {
      goalCode: GoalCode.STREAMLINED_VP,
      accept: [AcceptMode.SIOPV2_WITH_OIDC4VP],
    onGenerate: (oobQRProps: QRRenderingProps, payload: WaciOobProps) => {
    bgColor: 'white',
    fgColor: 'black',
    level: 'L',
    size: 128,
    title: 'title2021120903',

delegateCreateOobQRCode = () => {
  let qrCode = createQrCode(this.getOobQrCodeProps())
  return qrCode.then((qrCodeResolved) => {
    return qrCodeResolved

On generate gives the following (example) output

  "type": "openid",
  "id": "599f3638-b563-4937-9487-dfe55099d900",
  "from": "did:key:zrfdjkgfjgfdjk",
  "object": {
    "goal-code": "streamlined-vp",
    "accept": ["siopv2+oidc4vp"]

If you want to create the payload manually and want to do serialization yourself you can use:

const payload = DidCommOutOfBandMessage.createPayload(getOobQrCodeProps())
const encoded = DidCommOutOfBandMessage.urlEncode(payload)
const url = oobQRProps.baseUrl + encoded
console.log(url) // https://example.com/?oob=eyJ0eXBlIjoic2lvcHYyIiwiaWQiOiI1OTlmMzYzOC1iNTYzLTQ5MzctOTQ4Ny1kZmU1NTA5OWQ5MDAiLCJmcm9tIjoiZGlkOmtleTp6cmZkamtnZmpnZmRqayIsImJvZHkiOnsiZ29hbC1jb2RlIjoic3RyZWFtbGluZWQtdnAiLCJhY2NlcHQiOlsic2lvcHYyK29pZGM0dnAiXX19

For rendering add to the view


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