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> Messages come in, messages go out


Messages come in, messages go out

The dispatch program is designed to front all externally driven changes to the Sparks platform.

What is an externally driven change? A user who wants to do something. They (or more precisely our website) issues a command that arrives at the dispatcher. The dispatcher then:

  • Validates the message using a schema from sparks-schemas
  • Authorizes that the user is allowed to make this change
  • Puts the message onto a message bus for services to take actions
  • Returns a response that says yea or ney

At the return stage the user (well software) only knows that we accepted the message. Any actual changes happen further down.

Moving parts:

  • index.ts: In / validate / auth / dispatch / respond
  • queue.ts: In, currently reads firebase queue for messages
  • validate.ts: Validates the command in the message using sparks-schemas
  • auth.ts: Auth, checks a whole bunch of shit
  • dispatch.ts: Out, adds the message to kinesis


The following variables are required:

FIREBASE_DATABASE_URL: the database url
KINESIS_STREAM: name of kinesis stream


To run it you need a firebase and a firebase credentials.json file:

npm install
npm start