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    🗺️ A React component for interactive vector maps of the world and 100+ countries

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    • Simple and easy to implement React component for rendering interactive vector maps
    • 100+ vector maps included out of the box, free from MapSVG
    • Convert your own vector map for the component to use with the online converter
    • Quick and straight forward to style your map however you want to

    Basic Usage

    import React from 'react';
    import { VectorMap } from '@south-paw/react-vector-maps';
    // You'll need to download the json file from the docs site or you can create your own.
    import world from './world.json';
    export const Map = () => <VectorMap {...world} />;

    See the documentation for more examples and advanced usage of the component.

    Issues and Bugs

    If you manage to find any, please report them here so they can be squashed.

    Development and Contributing

    Grab the repo and then install dependencies with npm i.

    # run tests
    npm run test
    # lint source
    npm run lint
    # build source
    npm run build
    # clean up build folders
    npm run clean
    # start docs for development
    npm run docs:develop
    # clean up docs folders
    npm run docs:clean
    # yarn install for the docs
    npm run docs:install
    # build docs for deployment
    npm run docs:build
    # serve docs from /public after build
    npm run docs:serve


    MIT, see the LICENSE file.


    npm i @south-paw/react-vector-maps

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