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    A tool that can be used to parse test coverage results, merge reports together, and POST them to

    The Problem

    Coveralls is a great service that allows you to easily display test coverage results for a codebase. Integration is usually painless, as there are several supported languages, and a bunch of user-written modules that can simplify the process of sending your test coverage data to Coveralls.

    However, most of these modules work off the assumption that your codebase only uses one language, which may not always be the case. For example, if you're working on a web application that uses JavaScript for client-sided code, and some other language (Java, Python, Ruby) for server-sided code, and you're interested in displaying coverage reports for both parts of the codebase, then this tool may be for you.


    npm i @sourceallies/coveralls-merge --save-dev



    const coveralls = require('@sourceallies/coveralls-merge');
    // Create reports and options
    coveralls.sendReports(reports, options);

    reports is an array of Objects representing a coverage report:

    key value required
    type String representing the type of coverage report. See Supported Report Formats yes
    reportFile Path to the coverage report file, relative to the project root yes
    workingDirectory Path representing the working directory of the coverage report, relative to the project root. This is added as a prefix to the paths specified in the coverage report, and used by Coveralls to determine the location of the source file. The default value is the project root directory. no

    options is an optional parameter, which is an Object with the following configuration values:

    key value default
    projectRoot The root directory of the project, relative to the current working directory. '.'

    Repo Token

    This tool reads the Coveralls repository token from the environment variable COVERALLS_REPO_TOKEN. Failing to set this environment variable will cause the tool to throw an error.

    Supported Report Formats

    • LCOV: lcov
    • JaCoCo XML: jacoco

    This tool was initially written to support the languages I needed at the time, but it is implemented in a way that makes adding additional formats painless. If the format you need is not currently supported, feel free to open an issue or submit a PR to add it yourself.


    Apache Public License v2.0



    npm i @sourceallies/coveralls-merge

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