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    Logging tailormade for sorrir

    Specifying the logging target

    A HowTo log to ES can be found here.

    If NODE_ENV is equal to 'production', we log to stdout. Otherwise, we check whether the environment variables SORRIR_ES_URL, SORRIR_ES_USER and SORRIR_ES_PASSWORD are set. If one is not, we log to stdout. Otherwise we log to the Elasticsearch instance specified via these environment variables.

    The target index that is logged to can be configured via environment variables as well. The variable SORRIR_ES_INDEX can be used to log to a specific index. The variable SORRIR_ES_INDEX_PREFIX can be used to log to a date-dependent index (e.g. setting SORRIR_ES_INDEX_PREFIX to "hello" will make the logger log to the index hello-$timestamp_day). If both are specified, SORRIR_ES_INDEX_PREFIX is disregarded. If none are specified, the logger behaves as if SORRIR_ES_INDEX_PREFIX was set to "filebeat-debug".

    For easy organisation, there is a possibility to add an additional key-value pair to logs when outputting to Elasticsearch. Setting the environment variable SORRIR_ES_DEBUG to your_value will cause the logs to possess the key-value pair fields.metadata.context.debug = your_value.



    npm i @sorrir/sorrir-logging

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