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SOOS is an independent software security company, located in Winooski, VT USA, building security software for your team. SOOS, Software security, simplified.

Use SOOS to scan your software for vulnerabilities and open source license issues with SOOS Core SCA. Generate and ingest SBOMs. Export reports to industry standards. Govern your open source dependencies. Run the SOOS DAST vulnerability scanner against your web apps or APIs. Scan your Docker containers for vulnerabilities. Check your source code for issues with SAST Analysis.

Demo SOOS or Register for a Free Trial.

If you maintain an Open Source project, sign up for the Free as in Beer SOOS Community Edition.




run npm i -g @soos-io/soos-sbom@latest Then Run soos-sbom from any terminal and add the parameters you want.


run npm install --prefix ./soos @soos-io/soos-sbom Then run from the same terminal node ./soos/node_modules/@soos-io/soos-sbom/bin/index.js

Client Parameters

Argument Default Description
--apiKey SOOS API Key - get yours from SOOS Integration. Uses SOOS_API_KEY env value if present.
--branchName The name of the branch from the SCM System.
--branchURI The URI to the branch from the SCM System.
--buildURI URI to CI build info.
--buildVersion Version of application build artifacts.
--clientId SOOS Client ID - get yours from SOOS Integration. Uses SOOS_API_CLIENT env value if present.
--commitHash The commit hash value from the SCM System.
--logLevel INFO Minimum level to show logs: PASS, IGNORE, INFO, WARN, or FAIL.
--onFailure continue_on_failure Action to perform when the scan fails. Options: fail_the_build, continue_on_failure.
--operatingEnvironment Set Operating environment for information purposes only.
--otherOptions Other Options to pass to syft.
--projectName Project Name - this is what will be displayed in the SOOS app.
--verbose false Enable verbose logging.
sbomPath The SBOM File to scan, it could be the location of the file or the file itself. When location is specified only the first file found will be scanned.

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