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AMP HTML Validator (@sonarwhal/rule-amp-validator)

AMP HTML is a way to build web pages that render with reliable and fast performance. It is our attempt at fixing what many perceive as painfully slow page load times – especially when reading content on the mobile web. AMP HTML is built on existing web technologies; an AMP page will load (quickly) in any modern browser.

From AMPProject - AMP HTML

Why is this important?

If you are building an AMP page, you need to make sure the HTML is valid. Only valid AMP content can be added to an AMP Cache.

What does the rule check?

This rule uses amphtml-validator to validate the HTML of your page.

Can the rule be configured?

Yes, you can decide if you want to receive errors only or also warnings found by amphtml-validator. By default all warnings and errors are reported. If you prefer to see only the errors use the following configuration:

"amp-validator"["error", {
    "errorsOnly": true

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