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Sonar Gatsby theme


  • Standardize the list of dependencies needed for Martech maintained websites
  • Provide a starting set of common gatsby plugins preinstalled, and minimum options to configure them
  • Provide easy integration with Kentico Kontent.
  • Use the Sonar Design System

How to use it

This theme is included in the boilerplate by default. If you want to use it somewhere else, simply install the gatsby-theme-sonar dependency, and enable it in your gatsby config.


  • projectId (string): the Kentico Kontent project id
  • previewKey (string): The Kentico Kontent preview key
  • secureKey (string): The Kentico Kontent secure access key
  • previewMode (boolean): if true, the project will use the preview API from Kentico Kontent
  • managementKey (string): The Kentico Kontent management key
  • typesToGenerate (string[] | undefined): see the GraphQL transformer plugin docs
  • homepageCodename (string | undefined): The codename of the homepage in Kentico Kontent. If not specified, defaults to homepage
  • disablePageGeneration (boolean | undefined): If true, will disable the default page generation algorithm. Useful if you are integrating the theme in an existing website that has its own page generation algorithm.
  • layout (string | undefined): The root layout of your pages, as specified by gatsby-plugin-layout. if not specified, will use the MainLayout from the theme.

Included plugins

  • @sonarsource/marketing-gatsby-transformer-kontent-graphql
  • gatsby-plugin-emotion
  • gatsby-plugin-image
  • gatsby-plugin-layout
  • gatsby-plugin-sharp
  • gatsby-plugin-tsconfig-paths
  • gatsby-transformer-sharp

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