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SOCIFI Default Jest Configuration

npm version CircleCI

This is default configuration for jest that test our javascript libraries.

What is included

Jest packages with junit reporter. It uses babel to parse ECMAScript 6.

All tests results are generated to tests_results folder. Default folders:

  • ./tests - For your test code. All files should be in format *.test.js
  • ./src - Your source code
  • ./dist - Your compiled source code.

How to use it

First, install this package:

npm install @socifi/jest-config --save-dev

Then create your jest.config.js file:

module.exports = require('@socifi/jest-config')();

This will test your code in src directory and it will generate junit.xml file and coverage report.

If you want to test your build files, use:

module.exports = require('@socifi/jest-config')('build');

Coverage tests are skipped and junit tests will generate junit-bundle.xml file. During the tests all your links to src folder will be replace with link to dist folder.


npm i @socifi/jest-config

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