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Using components

This one is pretty straightforward

import { Component, AnotherComponent } from "@socialgouv/react-ui"

const App = (
    <AnotherComponent>With a children</AnotherComponent>

Providing a theme

React UI is a themed UI. In order to make it work in your project, you must provide it with a theme.

Basic option

import { ThemeProvider } from "styled-components";
import { theme } from "../../src/theme";

const { colors } = theme;

export default class MyApp extends App {
  render() {
    const { children } = this.props;
    return (
      <ThemeProvider theme={colors}>

All you need is to wrap your root component inside the styled component's theme provider and give is a set of colors.

Here, colors are React UI ones, but you can pick others. Simply follow the structure of the exported colors item here: ./src/theme.js

Simpler option

If you don't wish to use you own colors, you can also do:

import { ThemeProvider } from "@socialgouv/react-ui";

// This is an example for next.js
export default class MyApp extends App {
  render() {
    const { children } = this.props;
    return (

With this approach, you also benefit from the theme hook which implements a theme swap feature. You will toggle from the basic theme to the black and white one. Simply do the following:

import { useTheme } from "@socialgouv/react-ui";


const { currentTheme, toggleTheme } = useTheme();



Make sure you don't call toggleTheme inside the render of a component otherwise you'll get the dreaded infinite rendering loop.

Using colors and variables

When you wish to set a color, please do not use the color variable from the theme in the @socialgouv/react-ui package. Use the theme prop provided by styled-components.

Not OK: color: ${theme.colors.paragraph};
OK: color: ${({theme }) => theme.paragraph};

Otherwise, the color won't change when the theme is dynamically modified. For eveything else, using the theme.js file is always the right thing to do.

While contributing to the project, for example, you should do:

  import { box, spacings } from "../theme";
  const P = styled.p`
    margin: ${spacings.large};
    color: ${({theme}) => theme.darkBlue};
    border: ${({ theme }) => box.border(theme.border)};



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