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Snyk Node.js runtime agent

Known Vulnerabilities

Use this package as a library in your application to monitor your dependencies and to learn how the vulnerable functions of the dependencies are invoked in your deployments.

Quick start

require('@snyk/nodejs-runtime-agent')({ projectId: <Your-Project-ID> });

Supported Node.js versions

The Node.js Runtime Agent is tested on Node 8 and Node 10. Other versions are unsupported.

How to


The config object supports the following options:

Key Type Default value Purpose
projectId String The Snyk project ID that matches your application.
enable Boolean true Set to false to disable the agent.

Advanced config options:

Key Type Default value Purpose
beaconIntervalMs Number 60000 Report frequency in milliseconds.
snapshotIntervalMs Number 3600000 Snapshot retrieval frequency in milliseconds.
flushOnExit Boolean true Set to false to prevent the agent from flushing its data before exiting. true is useful especially for short-lived environments.


There is a self-contained demo named node-woof, which you can clone and run. It will guide you through the setup of the project on your machine.


npm start brings up an http server that invokes a vulnerable function on startup and for every request.

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