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Greatly missing color functions and types for JavaScript.

  • Supports four color spaces: sRGB, Display P3, CIELab and CIEXYZ with precise conversion between them.
  • Zero dependencies
  • Parser doesn’t rely on browsers to parse color strings and could be used in any environment.
  • Understands all CSS colors and many more cool features!


In the terminal:

% npm install @snigos/color

Then in the module:

// JavaScript modules
import { color, contrast } from '@snigos/color';
const bgColor = color('#fdfeff');
const bgContrast = contrast(bgColor);
const badPrimaryColor = 'hsl(134deg 80% 50%)';
bgContrast(badPrimaryColor); // 1.67
/* {
  wcag-aa-normal-text: false,
  wcag-aa-large-text: false,
  wcag-aa-ui: false,
  wcag-aaa-normal-text: false,
  wcag-aaa-large-text: false,
const [goodPrimaryColor] = bgContrast.find({
  hue: 134,
  saturation: 0.8,
  targetContrast: 4.5,
bgContrast(goodPrimaryColor); // 4.54
goodPrimaryColor.toHslString(); // hsl(134deg 80% 29.7%)
goodPrimaryColor.toHexString(); // #0f882b
goodPrimaryColor.toLab().toLchString(); // lch(49.378% 60.817 140.041deg)
goodPrimaryColor.copyWith({ lightness: goodPrimaryColor.lightness + 0.05 });
  sRGBColor {
    red: 18,
    green: 159,
    blue: 51,
    hue: 134,
    saturation: 0.8,
    lightness: 0.346875,
    alpha: 1,


Whether you like it or not, but merging between CSS and JavaScript and using JavaScript for styling in non-CSS environments, like mobile development, is here and most likely will stay for quite a while. The need of JavaScript representations of CSS units is inevitable, especially in a color as things there are about to change with introduction of CIELab color space in modern browsers that is pretty much around the corner. You can read this article by Lea Verou explaining why Lab colors are pretty cool.

Color package consists of several perfectly tree-shakeable modules:

  • color function: color parcer that converts strings like this: #da34e1 into JavaScript object, an sRGBColor instance in this case
  • sRGBColor class whos instances store vital information about the color in sRGB color space
  • LabColor class that does the same for Lab color space
  • XYZColor class that store information about the color in CIEXYZ color space
  • contrast function: calculates, validates and generates color in given hue with desired target contrast
  • mix and mixLab functions: well, they mix colors either in sRGB or Lab color space

You can only import and use functionality you need.



npm i @snigos/color

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