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    Svelte Material UI - Icon Button

    Icon buttons are symbolic buttons or toggles.


    npm install --save-dev @smui/icon-button

    Examples and Usage Information



    An icon button.

    Options / Defaults

    • component: href == null ? Button : A - A component to use as the root element.
    • use: [] - An array of Svelte actions and/or arrays of an action and its options.
    • class: '' - A CSS class string.
    • ripple: true - Whether to implement a ripple for when the component is interacted with.
    • color: undefined - A color passed to the ripple action.
    • toggle: false - Whether the button is a toggle. A toggle button should have two Icon children, one with the on prop.
    • pressed: false - Whether the toggle button is pressed.
    • ariaLabelOn: undefined - The ARIA label to use when the toggle is on.
    • ariaLabelOff: undefined - The ARIA label to use when the toggle is off.
    • href: undefined - If the href property is set, the button will use an anchor element, instead of a button element.
    • action: undefined - Used in the context of a data table pagination or a dialog. This sets the button's action. ('first-page', 'prev-page', 'next-page', or 'last-page' for data table pagination, 'close' or any string for dialog)


    • MDCIconButtonToggle:change


    A graphic icon.

    See the common icon readme.

    More Information

    See Icon Button in MDC-Web for information about the upstream library's architecture.


    npm i @smui/icon-button

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