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This package is a provider for SMCloudStore, for a generic S3-compatible provider, including AWS S3. SMCloudStore is a lightweight Node.js module that offers a simple API to interact with the object storage services of multiple cloud providers.

Please refer to the main package for the SMCloudStore documentation and instructions on how to use it.

Provider-specific considerations

There are a few provider-specific considerations for the GenericS3 provider.

Connection argument

When initializing the GenericS3 provider, the connection argument is an object with:

  • connection.endPoint: string representing the endpoint of the server to connect to; for AWS S3, set this to s3.amazonaws.com and the library will pick the correct endpoint based on the connection.region argument (default: 'us-east-1')
  • connection.accessKey: string containing the access key (the "public key")
  • connection.secretKey: string containing the secret key
  • connection.useSSL (optional): boolean that will force the connection using HTTPS if true (default: true)
  • connection.port (optional): number representing the port to connect to; defaults to 443 if useSSL is true, 80 otherwise
  • connection.region (optional): string containing the AWS region to use, useful for connecting to AWS S3


// Require the package
const SMCloudStore = require('smcloudstore')

// Complete with the connection options for GenericS3
const connection = {
    endPoint: 'storage.cloudprovider.com',
    accessKey: 'PUBLIC_KEY_HERE',
    secretKey: 'SECRET_KEY_HERE',

// Return an instance of the GenericS3Provider class
const storage = SMCloudStore.create('generic-s3', connection)

Using pre-signed URLs

In the method storage.presignedPutUrl(container, path, [options], [ttl]), the Generic S3 provider ignores the options argument, which has no effect on the generated tokens.

Accessing the Minio library

The Generic S3 provider is built on top of the Minio JavaScript client, which is exposed by calling storage.client().

You can use the object returned by this method to perform low-level operations using the Minio client.




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