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    Animated number counter web component

    This library allows developers to easily create an animated number counter. (Demo)

    How to install

    Install using npm or yarn

    npm install --save @smartimpact-it/number-counter

    How to use

    <number-counter duration="3000">1500</number-counter>

    If you want the number to be formatted as a number in the current language of the document, use the formatted attribute:

    <number-counter duration="3000" formatted>1500</number-counter>

    If you want the animation to be paused whenever the element is hidden from the viewport, use the pause-when-invisible attribute:

    <number-counter duration="3000" pause-when-invisible>1500</number-counter>

    Available options

    Attribute Default value Description
    initial 0 the initial number to start from
    final the text value the final number
    formatted whether to format the text (Intl.NumberFormat)
    custom-format a custom format to be used (use '#' for the digits. E.g. ### ### ###)
    duration 3000 the duration of the animation
    step 32 the interval between each increase (milliseconds).
    pause-when-invisible false whether to pause when out of view
    root-margin 0px the root margins for the IntersectionObserver.

    The custom format is also automatically "read" from the content if you do not provide the "final" attribute. For example, for the component below the custom format will be inferred to be # ### ###.

    <number-counter>1 230 502</number-counter>

    Available methods

    The elements also have some useful methods:

    Method Description
    pause Pause the animation.
    play Resume the animation.
    rewind Set the value back to the initial value.
    restart Restart the animation.




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