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    Run Tests

    OneReport Publisher

    This is a tool that publishes test results (test cycles) to SmartBear OneReport. It is intended to be used in Continuous Integration workflows.

    The tool supports the following file formats:

    • JUnit XML
    • Cucumber JSON
    • Cucumber Messages
    • Zip files (containing any of the above)

    If the publisher is executed on a supported CI server, it will also send the following git metadata along with the test results:

    • Repository URL
    • Commit SHA
    • Current Branch
    • Current Tag (if available)

    GitHub Actions

    Add a step after all tests have run. The if: ${{ always() }} ensures results are published even if a previous test step failed.

    - name: 'Publish to OneReport'
      if: ${{ always() }}
      uses: smartbear/one-report-publisher@v0.7.0
        # Can be omitted if ONE_REPORT_PROJECT_ID is defined
        project-id: F5222E06-BA05-4C82-949A-2FE537B6F59F
        # Can be omitted if ONE_REPORT_REFRESH_TOKEN is defined
        refresh-token: ${{ secrets.ONE_REPORT_REFRESH_TOKEN }}
        # Can be omitted if ONE_REPORT_URL is defined
        url: ${{ env.ONE_REPORT_URL }}
        reports: ./reports/**/*.{xml,json,ndjson,zip}

    See action.yml for a full reference of available input options.

    Command Line Reference

    The command-line tool can be used in any CI pipeline that has the npx command available (it needs to have Node.js installed).

    npx @smartbear/one-report-publisher@v0.7.0 --help
    Usage: one-report-publisher [options]
      -u, --url <url>                      OneReport URL. Defaults to $ONE_REPORT_URL
      -p, --project-id <id>                OneReport project id. Defaults to $ONE_REPORT_PROJECT_ID
      -t, --refresh-token <refresh-token>  OneReport refresh-token. Defaults to $ONE_REPORT_REFRESH_TOKEN
      -r, --reports <glob...>              Glob to the files to publish
      -m, --max-time <seconds>             Max time for each request
      -i, --ignore-error                   Exit with 0 even if a timeout or error occurred
      --no-zip                             Do not zip non .zip files
      -h, --help                           display help for command


    npx @smartbear/one-report-publisher@0.7.0 \
      --project-id F5222E06-BA05-4C82-949A-2FE537B6F59F \
      --refresh-token ${ONE_REPORT_REFRESH_TOKEN} \
      --reports ./reports/**/*.{xml,json,ndjson,zip}


    Add a step after all tests have run. You have to make sure the command is running in a docker image that has Node.js installed (for example cimg/node).

    - run:
        name: Publish test results to OneReport
        command: |
          npx @smartbear/one-report-publisher@0.7.0 \
            --project-id F5222E06-BA05-4C82-949A-2FE537B6F59F \
            --refresh-token ${ONE_REPORT_REFRESH_TOKEN} \
            --reports ./reports/**/*.{xml,json,ndjson,zip}


    npm i @smartbear/one-report-publisher

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