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Multi-Collection NFT with burnable NFTs

ERC1155 NFT, the basic standard multi-token, with the following features:

  • Burn feature that allow users to burn their NFTs. This directly decreases total supply.
  • Adjustable metadata.
  • Create multiple NFT collections with the same contract.

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Create and Deploy Smart Contracts in Minutes

Cookbook is a smart contract marketplace that allows anyone to deploy any EVM smart contract on any chain. All of our provided contracts are completely free.

  • Search from a library of dozens of smart contracts
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  • Deploy on any EVM chain
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  • Launch an NFT Sale with no code using Webflow
  • Launch a Token to power your Dapp's micro-economy
  • Create a customized DAO
  • Provide NFT Staking to your holders
  • Copy and Paste code snippets to integrate your contract into your Dapp

Additional Utilities

  • Use any of our contract's sourcecode directly in your workflow
  • Deploy a standard NFT Sale and integrate it with no code
  • Perform an airdrop to a list of addresses
  • Embed NFT Sales into Webflow, SquareSpace, Wix and many others
  • List your smart contract and capture royalties for every deploy
  • Copy and Paste code snippets to integrate your contract into your Dapp
  • Fractionalize NFTs (coming soon)

How to Use

Walkthrough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rViVNldQekc

  1. Use our searchbar or tag system to find your smart contract
  2. Save for later or deploy directly
  3. Customize your smart contract
  4. Select your chain
  5. Deploy
  6. To manage your contract, navigate to your dashboard and click manage

You can also copy any contract's sourcecode and add directly to your workflow


Want to contribute? Great!

To list your smart contract, email james@breakthroughlabs.io to add to our marketplace

Want a feature or suggest a change, email tyler@breakthroughlabs.io



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