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    This package is for wrangler v2.x, released first in May 2022. If you're looking for v1.x of the @cloudflare/wrangler package, visit /

    wrangler is a command line tool for building Cloudflare Workers.

    Quick Start

    # Make a javascript file
    echo "export default { fetch() { return new Response('hello world') } }" > index.js
    # try it out
    npx wrangler dev index.js
    # and then publish it
    npx wrangler publish index.js --name my-worker
    # visit https://my-worker.<your workers subdomain>

    Create a Project

    # Generate a new project
    npx wrangler init my-worker
    # try it out
    cd my-worker && npm run start
    # and then publish it
    npm run deploy


    $ npm install wrangler --save-dev


    Wrangler is configured via a wrangler.toml file in the project root. When utilizing the wrangler init command, a wrangler.toml file will be created for you.


    main = "./src/index.ts" # init w/ TypeScript
    name = "my-worker"
    compatibility_date = "YYY-MM-DD"

    for more detailed information about configuration, see the documentation


    wrangler init [name]

    Creates a Worker project. For details on configuration keys and values, refer to the documentation.

    wrangler dev

    Start a local development server, with live reloading and devtools.

    wrangler publish

    Publish the given script to the worldwide Cloudflare network.

    For more commands and options, refer to the documentation.


    wrangler pages dev [directory] [-- command]

    Either serves a static build asset directory, or proxies itself in front of a command.

    Builds and runs functions from a ./functions directory or uses a _worker.js file inside the static build asset directory.

    For more commands and options, refer to the documentation or run wrangler pages dev --help.


    For the latest Wrangler documentation, click here.



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