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This library requires React v16.6 or later. To use the latest features (including hooks) requires React v16.8+. If you need support for earlier versions of React, you should check out react-google-maps

This is complete re-write of the (sadly unmaintained) react-google-maps library. We thank tomchentw for his great work that made possible.

@react-google-maps/api provides very simple bindings to the google maps api and lets you use it in your app as React components.

Here are the main additions to react-google-maps that were the motivation behind this re-write

Install @react-google-maps/api

with NPM

npm i -S @react-google-maps/api

or Yarn

yarn add @react-google-maps/api

Main features

  • Simplified API
  • Uses the new Context API
  • Supports async React (StrictMode complient)
  • Removes lodash dependency => smaller bundle size 12.4kb gzip, tree-shakeable https://bundlephobia.com/result?p=@react-google-maps/api@1.4.0
  • forbids loading of Roboto fonts, if you set property preventGoogleFonts on <LoadScript preventGoogleFonts /> component


Examples can be found in two places:

  1. Official docs (powered by react-styleguidist.
  2. A Gatsby app including some examples. See the examples folder
  3. Gatsby.js Demo


Using the examples requires you to generate a google maps api key. For instructions on how to do that please see the following guide

Community Help Resource

You can join the community at https://spectrum.chat/react-google-maps to ask questions and help others with your experience.


Maintainers and contributors are very welcome! See this issue to get started.

Migration from react-google-maps@9.4.5

if you need an access to map object, instead of ref prop, you need to use onLoad callback on <GoogleMap /> component.


// before
  ref={map => {
    const bounds = new window.google.maps.LatLngBounds();



  onLoad={map => {
    const bounds = new window.google.maps.LatLngBounds();
  onUnmount={map => {
    // do your stuff before map is unmounted

Since 1.2.0 you can use onLoad and onMount props for each @react-google-maps/api component, ref does not contain API methods anymore.

Since version 1.2.2 We added useGoogleMap hook, which is working only with React@16.8.1 and later versions.

Websites made with @react-google-maps-api

DriveFromTo.com Transfer Booking service PWA.

add your website by making PR!

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