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JavaScript and TypeScript library to interact with tokens on the Internet Computer.


Using Tokens:

npm i --save @slide-computer/tokens

Install additional packages to add support for specific token standards:


In the browser:

import { createToken } from "@slide-computer/tokens";
import { Icrc1 } from "@slide-computer/tokens-icrc1";
import { Icrc2 } from "@slide-computer/tokens-icrc2";
import { Icrc4 } from "@slide-computer/tokens-icrc4";
import { Icrc7 } from "@slide-computer/tokens-icrc7";
import { Icrc10 } from "@slide-computer/tokens-icrc10";

To get started with a token, run

// ICRC-10 is listed first, because it should be the primary way of identifying
// supported standards before falling back to e.g. the ICRC-1 supported standards.
const token = await createToken([Icrc10, Icrc1, Icrc2, Icrc4, Icrc7], {
  canisterId: TOKEN_CANISTER_ID,
  // Required, must not be anonymous if tokens needs to be e.g. transferred
  // Optional, recommended to use an anonymous agent for queries e.g. checking balance
  queryAgent: new HttpAgent(),

Check if a method is supported by the token before using it

if (token.decimals) {
  const decimals = await token.decimals();

For example check if a token is non-fungible or fungible by checking for support of ownerOf

const tokenIsNonFungible = !!token.ownerOf;

Multiple account string formats are supported (ICRC-1 is recommended)

// Create ICRC-1 format account string, if a token does not support this account format
// it will convert it internally into e.g. account hash or principal (default subaccount)
const account = encodeAccount({
  subaccount: SUBACCOUNT_BYTES // Optional, uses default subaccount if not set
const balance = await token.balanceOf(account);

// Create string from principal and get it's balance
const principal = ACCOUNT_PRINCIPAL.toText();
const balanceFromPrincipal = await token.balanceOf(principal);

// Create ICP ledger account hash and get balance
const accountHash = hashAccount({
  subaccount: SUBACCOUNT_BYTES // Optional, uses default subaccount if not set
// Check if account hash is supported to avoid an unsupported exception
if (token.usesAccountHash) {
  const balanceFromAccountHash = await token.balanceOf(accountHash);

Check balance of account from user input

const account = USER_INPUT;
if (!isAccount(account) || !isAccountHash(account)) {
  // Show user that account input is invalid
if (isAccountHash(account) && !token.usesAccountHash) {
  // Show user that this account format is not supported by token
const balance = await token.balanceOf(account);

Get NFT details: name, description, url, image and attributes

// Get NFT metadata
const metadata = await token.tokenMetadata(TOKEN_ID);

// Lookup details within metadata
const name = token.tokenMetadataToName?.(metadata);
const description = token.tokenMetadataToDescription?.(metadata);
const url = token.tokenMetadataToUrl?.(metadata);
const image = token.tokenMetadataToImage?.(metadata);
const attributes = token.tokenMetadataToAttributes?.(metadata);

Identify the token method and arguments behind a raw canister call

const decoded = token.decodeCall?.(method, args);
if (decoded.method === 'transfer') {
  // Show interface that dapp want to transfer `decoded.args[0].amount` fungible tokens
} else if (decoded.method === 'transferToken') {
  // Show interface that dapp want to transfer non-fungible token id `decoded.args[0].tokenId`
} else {
  // Show ICRC-21 consent message

Create token instance synchronously

// Get standards of asynchronously created instance and store these
const standards = token.implementedStandards;

// Create instance synchronously by passing in these stored standards
const token2 = createToken([Icrc10, Icrc1, Icrc2, Icrc4, Icrc7], {
  canisterId: TOKEN_CANISTER_ID,
  queryAgent: new HttpAgent(),
  supportedStandards: standards

List of all available methods

See methods defined on the following exported types

Utility method types

Token method types

Token batch method types

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