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Official core rules Sketch Assistant.

💁‍♀️ This is a "rules only" Assistant, meaning it contains only rule implementations and no configuration. Adding this Assistant to Sketch won't do anything because rules need to be activated in configuration before they will report anything.

Use this Assistant by extending from it in your own Assistant, and adding configuration and/or additional rule implementations.


TODO: Link to documentation about creating Assistants, and extending from Assistants here.

Related Assistants

TODO: Link to other official Assistants that extend this one.

Available rules

This Assistant exports the following rules. Click the links to view their documentation, configuration options and implementation.


The following section of the readme only relates to developing the Assistant, not using it in your own projects.


  • Yarn >= 1.13
  • Node 12.6.0


Interact with the tooling in this repository via the following scripts.

Script Description
yarn build Builds the Assistant to the dist folder
yarn format-check Checks the formatting with prettier
yarn i18n:extract Extracts strings from the JS source to PO files
yarn test Runs the Jest tests
yarn type-check Typecheck the TypeScript


Conventional commits

Try and use the conventional commits convention when writing commit messages.

Working on rules

Use a TDD approach, and the existing rules as a guide.

Rule functions can run in Node against plain Sketch file JSON, so the Mac Sketch app isn't required while actively developing rule logic.

When creating a new rule in this repository:

  1. Copy and paste one of the existing rule folders in src/ as a starting point.
  2. Add the new rule to the Assistant definition in src/index.ts.
  3. With Sketch, create some example .sketch files to use as test fixtures. At a minimum these should demonstrate two scenarios - one where you'd expect your rule to report violations, and one where it shouldn't report any
  4. While developing your rule and its tests use Jest in watch mode: yarn test --watch.
  5. If you've added new strings then follow the internationalization workflow too.
  6. Add changeset for your rule, open a Pull Request and once merged release it


This repository uses Atlassian Changesets to automate the npm release process. Read the docs for more information, but the top-level summary is:

  • A GitHub Action maintains a permanently open PR that when merged will publish the package to npm with the latest changes and an automatically determined semver.
  • If the work you do in a PR should affect the next release, then you need to commit a "changeset" to the repository together with the rest of your code changes - do this by running yarn changeset. You'll be asked to provide a change type (major, minor or patch) and a message.


This Assistant requires internationalization since it's an official Sketch Assistant.

Translating your own Assistants is completely optional however.

Internationalization is handled by LinguiJS, and follows their guides for handling plain JavaScript projects.

The following locales are currently supported in the Sketch Mac app and this project:

  • en (American English)
  • zh-Hans (Chinese Simplified)

When ready to perform a round of translation, for example when there are new untranslated strings in the repository, perform the following workflow:

  1. Run yarn i18n:extract which will update the .po files in src/locale/ with the new strings used throughout the source code.
  2. PR and merge these changes to master.
  3. Translation thereafter happens via CrowdIn automation.


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