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Sketch Assistants Node command-line utility.

You can use this utility to run Assistants against Sketch files outside of Sketch.

It can run whichever Assistants have been added to the file by Sketch, or run a custom set of Assistants passed in on the command line.



npm i -g @sketch-hq/sketch-assistant-cli


yarn global add @sketch-hq/sketch-assistant-cli

The sketch-assistants command will then be available. See below for usage instructions.


Alternatively the CLI will work when installed locally to a project too.

yarn add @sketch-hq/sketch-assistant-cli

The sketch-assistants command will then be available to use in your package.json scripts.

## Local development

Setup the monorepo according to the Getting Started instructions, and then in this folder:

yarn build
./bin/cli.js <args>


Run a Sketch file's configured Assistants.

sketch-assistants "./path/to/file.sketch"

Run multiple files:

sketch-assistants "./path/to/file-1.sketch" "./path/to/file-2.sketch"

Or use globs to run all Sketch files that match a pattern:

sketch-assistants "./**/*.sketch"



Switch from human-readable output to JSON. Example:

sketch-assistants --json "./path/to/file.sketch"


When Assistants are installed before a run, they are cached in a temporary folder to make future runs faster. Pass this flag to delete the cache folder.


Optionally supply and overwrite the Assistant workspace configuration within the Sketch file(s) with your own. This can be useful for running Assistants against a file that haven't yet been setup with Assistants in the Sketch app.

sketch-assistants --workspace=./workspace.json "./path/to/file.sketch"

The data shape of the workspace itself is essentially a package.json, with the dependencies section indicating the active Assistants. The workspace JSON example below activates two Assistants:

  "dependencies": {
    "@sketch-hq/sketch-tidy-assistant": "latest",
    "@sketch-hq/sketch-naming-conventions-assistant": "latest"


Optionally supply a custom Assistant to use on the files. This is an Assistant defined entirely in JSON. Assistants to extend, as well as a custom configuration of object can be supplied.

sketch-assistants --assistant=./assistant.json "./path/to/file.sketch"

Example Assistant definition in JSON:

  "name": "max-3",
  "dependencies": {
    "@sketch-hq/sketch-core-assistant": "latest"
  "assistant": {
    "extends": ["@sketch-hq/sketch-core-assistant"],
    "config": {
      "rules": {
        "@sketch-hq/sketch-core-assistant/groups-max-layers": {
          "active": true,
          "maxLayers": 3,
          "skipClasses": []


npm i @sketch-hq/sketch-assistant-cli

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