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Access Control Query

The Access Control Query (acq) library allows you to easily set the requirements for your users.


npm install @siwt/acq

Once the package is installed you can import it using:

import { queryAccessControl } from '@siwt/acq'


Setting your requirements is done by defining a query in the following format:

const result = await queryAccessControl({
  query: {
    network: Network.mainnet,             // Choose which network should be checked. Options are Mainnet and Ghostnet. Defaults to Ghostnet.
    parameters: {
      pkh: 'WALLET ADDRESS',              // Variables that are required for the query. Currently this is limited to the user's wallet address. Required.
    test: {
      contractAddress: '',                // The smart contract address to check. Required on certain condition types.
      tokenIds: ['0'],                    // The token id inside the (multi asset) smart contract storage to check against.
      type: ConditionType.nft,            //
      comparator: Comparator.gte,         //
      value: 1,                           // The value to compare against with the comparator.
      checkTimeConstraint: false          // Tell the ACQ to check for the time constraint. Only applicable to the condition type NFT and requires the 'Valid Until' attribute in the NFT metadata
  allowlist: [],
  options: {
    timeout: 3000,

The result will have the following format:

  network: Network.ghostnet or Network.mainnet,
  testResults: {
    passed: boolean,
    ownedTokenIds: [],                  // When using the NFT condition.
    balance: 0,                         // when using XTZ or fungible token balance.
    error: boolean,                     // If the test failed because of an error.

The following scenarios are available:


Use this if you want to test if your user has a certain amount of a certain NFT. The { name: 'Valid Until', value: 'Unix Timestamp' } attribute in the NFT metadata can be used to add a time constraint.

XTZ Amount

Use this if you need your user to hold a certain amount of tez.

Fungible Token Amount

Use this if you need your user to hold a certain amount of a fungible token.


Use this if you want to provide a specific list of wallet addresses to allow or deny access to.

When using the allowlist scenario, the allowlist property in the queryAccessControl parameter is required.

Tezos Tickets (Coming soon)

Use this to check if your user has an issued ticket.

The following comparators are available:

eq: Equals gte: Greater than or equals lte: Less than or equals gt: Greater than lt: Less than in: In (Whitelist only) notIn: Not in (Whitelist only)


In case necessary the timeout for the api calls that the accessControlQuery makes can be set using the

  options: {
    timeout: 3000, // time in milliseconds

property when calling the accessControlQuery.

Running unit tests

Run nx test acq to execute the unit tests via Jest.

Running lint

Run nx lint acq to execute the lint via ESLint.




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