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    Simple ORM framework for Node.js that supports MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL.


    Simplenodeorm is an extensible, cloud-ready object relational mapping application that provides database access to Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. Query and Report Design is supported via the Query Designer and Report Designer applications. REST access is supported. Simplenodeorm can be plugged into an application as shown in the example code snippet below:

    const fs = require('fs');
    const orm = require('@simplenodeorm/simplenodeorm');
    const md5 = require('md5');
    const WhereComparison = require('@simplenodeorm/simplenodeorm/main/WhereComparison');
    const OrderByEntry = require('@simplenodeorm/simplenodeorm/main/OrderByEntry');
    const { promisify } = require('util');
    const readFileAsync = promisify(fs.readFile);
    const appConfiguration = JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync('./appconfig.json'));
    const testConfiguration = JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync('./testconfig.json'));
    const utilities = require('./utils/utilities');
    orm.startOrm(__dirname, appConfiguration, testConfiguration, onServerStarted);
    function onServerStarted(server, logger) {
        logger.logInfo("ClinicalHelper server started");
       server.get('/*/practice/addresses/:practiceId', async function (req, res) {
            try {
                let repo = orm.getRepository("PracticeAddress");
                let whereList = [];
                whereList.push(new WhereComparison('practiceId', req.params.practiceId, orm.util.EQUAL_TO));
                let result = orm.parseOrmResult(await repo.find(whereList, [new OrderByEntry("name")],
                    {poolAlias: orm.util.getContextFromUrl(req)}), "PracticeAddressException");
                if (result.length === 0) {
                    result = [orm.newModelInstance(repo.getMetaData)];
                    result[0].address = orm.newModelInstance(orm.getRepository("Address").getMetaData());
            } catch (e) {
                logger.logError('error occured while retrieving panel access summary', e);
   '/*/officehours/save', async function (req, res) {
            let poolAlias = orm.util.getContextFromUrl(req);
            let conn = await orm.getConnection(poolAlias);
            let options = { conn: conn, poolAlias:  poolAlias};
            let repo = orm.getRepository("OfficeHours");
            try {
                await repo.doBeginTransaction(conn);
                let result = await, options);
                if (result.error) {
                    orm.util.throwError("SaveOfficeHoursException", result.error);
                await repo.doCommit(conn);
            } catch (e) {
                await repo.doRollback(conn);
                logger.logError('error occured while saving office hours', e);
        server.get('/*/exists/rolename/:practiceId/:checkname', async function (req, res) {
            try {
                let repo = orm.getRepository("Role");
                let sql = "select 1 from Role where exists (select roleId from Role where practiceId = ? and name = ?)";
                let params = [];
                let result = orm.parseOrmResult(await repo.executeSqlQuery(sql, params,{poolAlias: orm.util.getContextFromUrl(req)}), "RolenameExistsException");
                if (result && result[0] && result[0][0]) {
                    res.status(200).send(result[0][0] === 1);
                } else {
                    return res.status(200).send(false);
            } catch (e) {
                logger.logError('error occured while checking rolename exists', e);

    For a real-world implementation see the Clinical Helper mental health practice management application on NPM. For a quick tour of the Clinical Helper application click here. For detailed information on simplenodeorm see simplenodeorm.pdf

    There is a docker image on dockerhub that contains a running demo of the Clinical Helper as well as the Query and Report Designers. Follow the instuctions found here to run the demo.

    There are 2 associated applications to create, save and run queries and reports. These can be found on NPM and in github at the links below:

    Query Designer - NPM
    Query Designer - GitHub
    Query Designer - Documentation

    Report Designer - NPM
    Report Designer - GitHub
    Report Designer - Documentation


    npm i @simplenodeorm/simplenodeorm

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