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A sleek and highly customizable JavaScript library used to generate full-screen infographic popups with minimal effort.


Install popup-js with the following script tag:

<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@simondmc/popup-js@1.4.3/popup.min.js"></script>


A full documentation is available here.


Create a popup by instantiating the Popup class with customization parameters.

const myPopup = new Popup({
    id: "my-popup",
    title: "My First Popup",
    content: `
        An example popup.
        Supports multiple lines.`,

Display the popup by calling the .show() method.


Examples of a more complex popup:

/* A demo popup showing a lot of the library features. */
const popup = new Popup({
    id: "demo-popup",
    title: "Demo Popup",
    content: `
        This is a demo of the popup library.
        big-margin§This line has a larger top margin.
        This is an example of {a-https://example.com}[a link].
        This is an example of {btn-red-button}[a red button].
        This text is {red}[red] {bold green}[bold green] {blue}[blue]].
        This text has a                lot of spaces.
        big-margin space-out§This line and the next {btn-b1}[Button 1]
        space-out§are left aligned. {btn-b2}[Button 2]
        big-margin§This text {shadow}[has {white}[some] shadow].`,
    titleColor: "#4842f5",
    backgroundColor: "#bff7ff",
    showImmediately: true,
    sideMargin: "15%",
/* A popup from one of my projects showing its usage. */
const infoPopup = new Popup({
    id: "color-info",
    title: "Color Guesser",
    content: `
        You are presented with a color.
        Estimate the hex code of the color.
        Six characters, ranging from 00-FF for 3 channels.
        Values are in {a-https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/hexadecimal/hex-basics}[Base-16].
        big-margin§{black bold}[#000000] is black.             {white bold shadow}[#FFFFFF] is white.
        big-margin§Good luck.`,
    titleColor: "rgb(92, 0, 95)",
    titleMargin: "0",
    backgroundColor: "#ffebfe",
    showImmediately: true,
    showOnce: true,

Color Guesser Popup Showcase

Cheat Sheet

Below is a table of all the parameters you can use to customize your popup.

Parameter Type Default Description
id string popup The ID of the popup (must be unique).
title string Popup Title The title of the popup.
content string Popup Content The content of the popup.
titleColor color #000000 The color of the title.
backgroundColor color #FFFFFF The color of the popup background.
textColor color #000000 The color of the content.
closeColor color #000000 The color of the close button.
linkColor color #383838 The color of links.
fixedHeight boolean false Whether the popup should have a fixed height.
widthMultiplier number 1 How wide should the popup be relatively to the default width.
heightMultiplier number 0.66 How tall should the popup be relatively to the default width (only used if fixedHeight is true).
fontSizeMultiplier number 1 How large should the content font be relatively to the default content font size.
font string Inter The popup font.
titleMargin length 2% The space between the popup title and content.
sideMargin length 3% The space between the content and the edge of the popup.
lineSpacing length auto The spacing between lines in the popup body.
buttonWidth length fit-content The width of buttons in the popup body.
borderWidth length 0 The width of the popup border.
borderColor color #000000 The color of the popup border.
borderRadius length 15px The popup border radius (controls how rounded the corners are).
showImmediately boolean false Whether the popup should be shown immediately after being created (usually on page load).
showOnce boolean false Whether the popup should only be shown once.
hideCloseButton boolean false Whether the popup should display without a close button.
hideTitle boolean false Whether the popup should display without a title.
disableScroll boolean true Whether page scrolling should be disabled while the popup is open.
underlineLinks boolean false Whether links should be underlined.
allowClose boolean true Whether the popup should be closeable by the user.
textShadow string none The text shadow of the popup body.
fadeTime time 0.3s The time it should take for the popup to fade in and out.
hideCallback function undefined A function to be called when the popup is closed.
loadCallback function undefined A function to be called when the popup - and all its elements - are first loaded.
css string "" Custom CSS to be applied to the popup.

For a full explanation of the parameters, see the documentation.


This project is released under the MIT license.


Contributions are always welcome!

If you want a feature which currently doesn't exist, feel free to open a pull request.



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