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    What is it?

    A simple replacement for _.template from either Underscore or Lodash that removes the features that make those libraries incompatible with Content Security Policy (CSP). Specifically, this implementation supports only interpolation (escaped and unescaped) and does not support JS evaluation.

    How do I use it?

    Just like you would have used _.template:

    var makeTemplate = require('@silvermine/undertemplate'),
        template = makeTemplate('Hello <%= name %>');
    console.log(template({ name: 'John Smith' }));

    Of course, we only support:

    • <%= … %>: interpolate a value
    • <%- … %>: interpolate and HTML escape a value

    The following are NOT supported:

    • <% … %>: JS evaluation
    • <% print('Hello ' + epithet); %>: JS evaluation with the print function

    A Couple Notes

    Templating in Underscore/Lodash was operating by building up a JS function as a string. This meant that if your template referred to a variable that did not exist, you would get a JS error thrown. In this library, however, undefined variables in the template will result in an empty string being placed in that location.

    We rely on Lodash to provide a number of convenience functions that would require polyfills to support a wide array of browsers. To help reduce bloat, we do two things:

    1. Rely on a fairly loose version of Lodash: 4.x, meaning that if you already have it as a dependency, we'll use your version.
    2. Only require('lodash/foo') for each foo function we need. This helps if you're using UnderTemplate in a browserify-style environment since only the files from Lodash that are actually needed will be included in your bundle.

    How do I contribute?

    We genuinely appreciate external contributions. See our extensive documentation on how to contribute.


    This software is released under the MIT license. See the license file for more details.


    npm i @silvermine/undertemplate

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