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    Silvermine ESLint Rules

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    Shareable ESLint configuration for all Silvermine projects.


    Because we need it. Whitespace errors are evil. As are the other hundreds of types of errors this protects us from.

    Other Configuration Files Available

    In addition to the ESLint rules, this package provides configuration for the following:

    • EditorConfig
      • Provides a default set of editor configuration values to use in Silvermine projects
      • Usage: Symlink the .editorconfig file to the root of your project and use the appropriate extension for your editor.
        • ln -s ./node_modules/@silvermine/eslint-config/.editorconfig
    • commitlint
      • Provides linting for commit messages of Silvermine projects
      • Usage: Add a commitlint.config.js file to the root of the project with the following and then set up commitlint in the project:
        'use strict';
        module.exports = {
           extends: [ '@silvermine/eslint-config/commitlint' ],

    Notes on Semantic Versioning

    See the notes we made in eslint-plugin-silvermine regarding our use of version numbers here. The same decisions made for that repo also apply to this repo, basically for the same reasons.

    What version should I use?

    When choosing which version of this config to use, consider the following:

    • v2.x.x is the newest branch of our config, which allows for ES2015+ features, as well as TypeScript linting. On new projects, we recommend using this branch of the config.
    • v1.x.x is the legacy version of our eslint config. This should primarily be used in legacy es5 projects and with node version < 8.10.0. It does not allow for many es2015+ features, such as spread/rest operators and arrow functions.
      • The v1.x.x branch is not recommended for use in new projects and will only be minimally updated with bug fixes to support legacy code.


    This software is released under the MIT license. See the license file for more details.


    npm i @silvermine/eslint-config

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