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A monitor to watch for specific changes on the Signum blockchain platform

Due to average blocktime of 240 seconds, transactions stay pending for a certain time. It is a repeating pattern to watch for such changes and waiting for confirmation. This package simplifies this task.


@signumjs/monitor can be used with NodeJS or Web. Two formats are available

Using with NodeJS and/or modern web frameworks

Install using npm:

npm install @signumjs/monitor

or using yarn:

yarn add @signumjs/monitor


// TODO:

import {Monitor} from '@signumjs/monitor'
import {composeApi} from "@signumjs/core";

// A method that checks if an account exists
// > IMPORTANT: Do not use closures, when you need to serialize the monitor
async function tryFetchAccount() {
    const api = composeApi({ nodeHost: 'https://testnet.signum.network:6876/'})
        const {account} = await api.account.getAccount('1234')
        return account;
    }catch (e){
        // ignore error
        return null;

// A comparing function to check if a certain condition for the returned data from fetch function
// is true. If it's true the monitor stops
function checkIfAccountExists(account) {
    return account !== null;

// Create your monitor
const monitor = new Monitor({
    asyncFetcherFn: tryFetchAccount,
    compareFn: checkIfAccountExists,
    intervalSecs: 10, // polling interval in seconds
    key: 'monitor-account',
    timeoutSecs: 2 * 240 // when reached timeout the monitor stops
// starts monitor

// called when `checkIfAccountExists` returns true
monitor.onFulfilled(() => {
    console.log('Yay, account active');

// called when `timeoutSecs` is reached
monitor.onTimeout(() => {
    console.log('Hmm, something went wrong');

Using in classic <script>

Each package is available as bundled standalone library using UMD. This way signumJS can be used also within <script>-Tags. This might be useful for Wordpress and/or other PHP applications.

Just import the package using the HTML <script> tag.

<script src='https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@signumjs/monitor/dist/signumjs.monitor.min.js'></script>


const {Monitor} = sig$Monitor;
const monitor = new Monitor({
monitor.onFulFilled(() => {

See more here:

@signumjs/monitor Online Documentation

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