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    Signum Art Mass Upload Tool


    Command line based tool to automate minting of collections with dozens, hundreds or thousands of NFTs for Signum NFT Platform

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    npm i @signumart/massup -g

    $> signumart-massup --help
    Usage: signumart-massup [options] [command]
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             SignumArt Mass Upload Tool
      Author: ohager
      Version: 1.0.0-beta
      -V, --version   output the version number
      -h, --help      display help for command
      help [command]  display help for command

    Brief Usage Explanation


    The basic idea of this tool is that you as an artist provide a CSV file, that describes all necessary minting parameters, like name, description, listing option, price, location of media files, etc. Once provided you generate the artifacts, like thumbnails, meta data etc on your machine and finally you start the automation for minting.

    Full documentation is available here


    Before you start

    As a requirement to use that tool, you must have a profile on signumart.io, which in turn requires you to have an Signum Account with sufficient balance.

    Once created the profile you have to configure your profile locally on your machine using the following command:

    $> signumart-massup profile init
    ✔ No profile found
    ? Please select a network: Signum Test Net
    ? Please enter your passphrase: ********
    ? Please enter a personal PIN to secure your secrets: [hidden]
    ? Please confirm your PIN: [hidden]
    ✔ Selecting best host
    Selected Host https://europe3.testnet.signum.network
    ✔ Verifying account [TS-QAJA-QW5Y-SWVP-4RVP4]
    ? Which Pinning Service do you use? Pinata
    ? Please enter your Pinning API Key (JWT):
    │    (index)     │             Values             │
    │    Network     │       'Signum Test Net'        │
    │    Account     │   'TS-QAJA-QW5Y-SWVP-4RVP4'    │
    │      Name      │            'ohager'            │
    │  Description   │ 'Just a simple dev... or not?' │
    │ PinningService │            'Pinata'            │
    ? Is this correct? Yes
    Profile successfully initialized

    Overview of the workflow

    Imagine you have somehow generated hundreds of collectible, and now you want to mint them all. This is where this tool comes into play. The basic concept is a 4-step workflow you need to follow:

    1. Create (or continues) a collection
    2. Describe the NFTs by editing a provided CSV template
    3. Prepare minting artifacts according to the CSV description
    4. Uploads media files and mints NFTs
    $> signumart-massup collection --help
    Usage: signumart-massup collection [options] [command]
    -h, --help                display help for command
    create|init [options]     Creates a new Collection
    pull|continue             Pulls existing collection information to continue on adding new NFTs
    commit|prepare [options]  Prepares the collection for upload
    push|upload [options]     Uploads the collection
    help [command]            display help for command

    The command line tool is interactive, so it guides you through all the necessary steps.

    For each command you can always get a brief help of available options:

    $> signumart-massup collection push --help
    Usage: signumart-massup collection push|upload [options]
    Uploads the collection
      -t, --try   Runs without creating anything on chain. Good for testing
      -h, --help  display help for command


    npm i @signumart/massup

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