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    [WiP] typedoc-readme-api-theme

    A Readme.com compatible TypeDoc plugin. Extended and adapted from typedoc-github-wiki-theme.

    What it does?

    • Generates Readme.com friendly file names.
    • Updates internal urls to a compatible format.
    • Fixes readme-specific quirks in the Markdown flavor

    Detailed changes with respect to upstream

    • introduce config option pageSlugPrefix for specifying a prefix for REAME page slugs. This is used to generate file names and relative url links.
    • introduce config option entryTitle to specify a custom title for the entry document.
    • changed default value of config option hidePageTitle to true. This doesn't render the title of the pages, since README already does it and it would be duplicate.
    • changed default value of config option hideBreadcrumbs to true.
    • changed default value of config option hideInPageTOC to true, since README already renders a TOC in the right hand side column
    • prepend YAML metadata to each page (which include title and order properties)
    • make relative urls to other pages begin with ref: and exclude the .md suffix
    • handle nested paths by using folders in the filesystem, and a "-" separator for the page slugs
    • Workaround readme's bad behavior of considering line breaks in the Markdown source as hard <br>.
    • custom intepretation of @example tags (they create an Examples section, and are moved to the bottom)
    • custom interpretation of @permissions tags (they create a Permissions section)
    • custom interpretation of @deprecated tags (they show a notice)
    • show custom reflection path breadcrumbs at the top of each page


    npm install typedoc @signalwire/typedoc-readme-api-theme --save-dev


    npm i @signalwire/typedoc-readme-api-theme

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