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Signal K Resources Provider Plugin:

Signal K server plugin that implements the Resource Provider API.

Note: This plugin should ONLY be installed on a Signal K server that implements the Resources API!

This plugin is a resource provider, facilitating the storage and retrieval of the following resource types defined by the Signal K specification:

  • resources/routes
  • resources/waypoints
  • resources/notes
  • resources/regions

as well as providing the capability to serve custom resource types provisioned as additional paths under /signalk/v2/api/resources.

  • example: /signalk/v2/api/resources/fishingZones

Each path is provisioned with GET, PUT, POST and DELETE operations enabled.

Operation of all paths is as set out in the OpenAPI resources definition available in the Signal K server Admin console.

Installation and Configuration:

Signal K server v2 includes this plugin as part of the installation / upgrade process.

By default the plugin is enabled with all standdard resource types enabled.

  1. (optional) De-select any resource types you want to disable.

  2. (optional) Specify any custom resource paths you require.

  3. Click Submit


Data Storage:

Resources are stored in the server's filesystem under the path ~/.signalk/plugin-config-data/resources-provider/resources.

A separate file is created for each resource with a name that reflects the resources id.

Each resource is created within a folder allocated to that specific resource type.



Use and Operation:

Once configured, the plugin registers itself as the resource provider for each of the enabled resource types and the Signal K server will pass all HTTP GET, POST, PUT and DELETE requests to the plugin.

For further information about working with resources please refer to the Signal K specification and Signal K Server documentation.

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