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    Duxedo for Redux

    A tiny, easy to use utility to help you write cleaner code, and scale redux easily.

    What does it do?

    Take a single object definition of actions and how state changes, and produce an object containing immutable action constants, an object containing consistent FSA compliant action creators and a reducer function that can be included easily in your store configuration, or components, just the way you would usually. No extra fuss.


    Managing state with redux requires quite a bit of boilerplate code, especially when you begin to use consistent patterns for action creators for example, you end up repeating yourself a great deal. Secondly as your app grows, recalling which actions do what, and how becomes a hunt through growing switch statements, and multiple files. Not to mention that this growing API for your local application state, can increase the time it takes to on-board new team members, along with increasing support, maintenance, and iteration time.

    • DRY>TM out your code by defining actions, action creators and reducers with a single definition.
    • Consistency through a predefined opinionated structure, and single reliable pattern for action objects. (FSA compliant)
    • Improve Readability and Maintainability by clearly defining actions and how state should change in a single place.

    Enough Talk, Lets Code

    install with npm:

    npm install --save @sigmadigital/duxedo

    or with yarn:

    yarn add @sigmadigital/duxedo

    Add your dependencies if you haven't already:

    npm install --save react redux react-dom react-redux

    NB: You'll likely need a build pipeline (ie: webpack, parcel or rollup etc) with babel to transpile es6/es7+..

    // src/store/definitions/counter.js
    import duxedo from '@sigmadigital/redux-helpers';
    // define your default state
    const defaultState = { count: 0 };
    // Define your actions and how state should change
    const definition = {
      INCREMENT: state => ({ ...state, count: state.count + 1 }),
      DECREMENT: state => ({ ...state, count: state.count - 1 }),
      SET: (state, { payload }) => ({ ...state, count: payload.count }),
      RESET: state => ({ ...state, count: 0 }),
    // this exports an object containing reducer, constants, actions
    export const { reducer, actions, constants } = duxedo({
    // src/store/index.js
    import { createStore, combineReducers } from 'redux';
    import { reducer as counter } from './definitions/counter';
    export default () => createStore(combineReducers({ counter }));

    the duxedo function takes the definition as above, and the default state, that you would usually pass to your reducer function and returns an object:

      reducer, // function to be passes to the store
      actions, // object containing action creator functions, note that the action names have been transformed to **camelCase**
      constants, // the actions in original case, as an object 

    Have a look at the /example directory for a full example with redux and react. Alternatively, have a look at the example app or fork the sandbox here:

    Edit Duxedo for Redux


    If you find an issue, have an idea or would like to contribute, either let us know in the issues, or fork our repo, and open a pull request. If you do, please ensure all tests are passing, and that any new items have coverage as well.

    A Sigma Digital Project. Copyright 2019. License MIT.


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