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React Indiana Drag Scroll

Implements scroll on drag

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npm install --save react-indiana-drag-scroll
yarn add react-indiana-drag-scroll


import React, { Component } from 'react'

import ScrollContainer from 'react-indiana-drag-scroll'

class Example extends Component {
  render () {
    return (
      <ScrollContainer className="scroll-container">
        { ... }

Component properties

Prop Type Description Default
vertical Bool Allow vertical drag scrolling true
horizontal Bool Allow horizontal drag scrolling true
hideScrollbars Bool Hide the scrollbars true
activationDistance Number The distance that distinguish click and drag start 10
children Node The content of scrolling container
onScroll Function Invoked when user scrolling container
onEndScroll Function Invoked when user ends scrolling container
onStartScroll Function Invoked when user starts scrolling container
onClick Function Invoked when user clicks the scrolling container without dragging
className String The custom classname for container
style Number The custom styles for container
ignoreElements String Selector for elements that should not trigger the scrolling behaviour (for example, ".modal, dialog" or "*[prevent-drag-scroll]")
nativeMobileScroll Bool Use native mobile drag scroll for mobile devices true

Static functions

Name Returns Description
getElement HTMLElement Returns the HTML element


How to set the initial scroll?

To set initial scroll you need get the ref to the main DOM element of the ScrollContainer. It can be implement by using ReactDOM.findDOMNode or by using the static function getElement (this approach is available in the strict mode by the way).


The source code is licensed under MIT, all images (except hieroglyphs) are copyrighted to their respective owner © Norserium

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