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    Meteor component library

    The meteor component library is a Vue component library developed by Shopware. It is based on the Meteor Design System.

    • Perfect suitable for Shopware Apps
    • Matches the Shopware administration look and feel
    • Small bundle sizes with tree-shaking
    • Completely tested and documented with Storybook


    You need a working Vue 2 application with the i18n plugin for the translations. The main translations (English and German) are bundled in the components. For other languages you need to add the snippets for the correct paths.


    Add this package to your project:

    npm i @shopware-ag/meteor-component-library

    Import the style.css for general styling like fonts, etc. in the root file of your application or in you root styling file.

    import '@shopware-ag/meteor-component-library/dist/style.css';

    Each component works independently and can be imported directly from the root like this:

    import { SwButton } from '@shopware-ag/meteor-component-library';
    export default {
      components: {
          'sw-button': SwButton


    These guides are useful if you want to contribute this component library.

    Project setup

    npm install

    Compiles and hot-reloads for development

    npm run storybook

    Compiles and minifies for production

    npm run build-storybook

    Run your interaction tests (running Storybook instance is needed)

    npm run test-storybook

    Start a docker instance for running interaction and visual tests inside a container

    Useful for creating screenshot files to have a consistent screenshot between different operating systems.

    npm run docker;
    // Inside docker
    npm run test-storybook:ci

    Lints and fixes files

    npm run lint

    Build the bundled component library

    npm run build-vue

    Writing interaction tests

    All interaction tests are written in component-name.interactive.stories.js files. The title needs to be prefixed with Interaction Tests/. These interaction tests are hidden in the final build but are visible in the Storybook development watcher.


    export default {
      title: 'Interaction Tests/base/sw-button',
      component: SwButton,


    The canvasElement, which is described in the official Storybook documentation, is not working. To access the component you need to write the following:

    TestButtonClick.play = async () => {
      // Get the cavnas
      const canvas = within(document.getElementById('root'));
      // Write here your interaction test

    Writing visual tests

    Stories for visual tests need to start with VisualTest.


    export const VisualTestPrimaryVariant = Default.bind();
    VisualTestPrimaryVariant.storyName = 'Render the primary variant';

    The screenshot will be generated at the end of the Play function. If no Play function is defined then it will be created immediatly.

    For reduced flakyness all animations are automatically disabled from Playwright.




    npm i @shopware-ag/meteor-component-library

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