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Test Storybook stories with axe® and Puppeteer.


Add this package to your project’s development dependencies.

yarn add @shopify/storybook-a11y-test --dev

This assumes you’ve installed and set up the Storybook accessibility addon.

In your project’s package.json, add the build-storybook and storybook-a11y-test scripts:

// package.json
"scripts": {
  "build-storybook": "build-storybook --static-dir=.storybook/public --output-dir=build/storybook/static",
  "storybook-a11y-test": "node ./scripts/storybook-a11y-test.js"

CI steps

Your CI steps should include:

  1. Building Storybook (yarn run build-storybook)
  2. Running the script (yarn run storybook-a11y-test)

For example:

  - label: ':storybook: Build Storybook and run accessibility tests'
      - yarn install
      - yarn run build-storybook
      - yarn run storybook-a11y-test

For optimal test performance, break the build and accessibility testing steps into two separate steps, as illustrated in 🔒 this example (only visible to Shopify employees).


Make sure you have built your Storybook that you can point the test towards.

const {A11yTestRunner} = require('@shopify/storybook-a11y-test');

(async () => {
  // Full path to your static storybook build
  const buildDir = path.join(__dirname, '../build/storybook/static');

  const testRunner = new A11yTestRunner(buildDir);

  try {
    // Grab all Story IDs
    const storyIds = await testRunner.collectEnabledStoryIdsFromIFrame();

    // Run tests on all stories in `storyIds`
    const results = await testRunner.testStories({

      // Optional: maximum time in milliseconds to wait for the browser instance to start.
      // Defaults to 30000 (30 seconds). Pass 0 to disable timeout.
      timeout: 30000,

    if (results.length) {
      console.error(`‼️  Accessibility violations found`);
      process.exitCode = 1;
    } else {
      console.log('🧚  Accessibility tests passed');
  } finally {
    await testRunner.teardown();

Ignoring violations in a Story

When is it okay to ignore accessibility violations?

  • False positives
  • Work in progress, early stages of building a component
  • Playgrounds, prototypes, work in progress…
MyStory.parameters = {
  a11y: {
    // 🙅‍♀️ Don't do this!
    disable: true, // 💩💩💩
    // It disables all accessibility checks for the story,
    // and we won't know when we introduce regressions.
    // 🙌 Instead, override single rules on specific elements.
    // 👇 see guidelines below

    // @see axe-core configParameter (https://github.com/dequelabs/axe-core/blob/develop/doc/API.md#parameters-1)
    config: {
      rules: [
          // False positives on specific elements
          // You can exclude some elements from raising errors for a specific rule.
          id: 'failing-rule-id',
          selector: '*:not(<selector triggering violation>)',
          // False positive on an entire component
          // In certain cases (like a disabled button), it's okay to disable a rule.
          id: 'failing-rule-id',
          enabled: false,
          // Temporary override (failure "needs review")
          // `reviewOnFail: true` overrides the result of a rule to return
          // "Needs Review" rather than "Violation" if the rule fails.
          // Useful when merging unfinished or early stage work.
          id: 'failing-rule-id',
          reviewOnFail: true,

Ignoring violations: examples

AutocompleteField.parameters = {
  a11y: {
    config: {
      rules: [
          // Add support for `autocomplete="nope"`, a workaround to prevent autocomplete in Chrome
          // @link https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=468153
          // @link https://development.shopify.io/engineering/developing_at_Shopify/accessibility/forms/autocomplete
          id: 'autocomplete-valid',
          selector: '*:not([autocomplete="nope"])',
DisabledButton.parameters = {
  a11y: {
    config: {
      rules: [
          // Color contrast ratio doesn't need to meet 4.5:1, as the element is disabled
          // @link https://dequeuniversity.com/rules/axe/4.3/color-contrast
          id: 'color-contrast',
          enabled: false,
PrototypeComponent.parameters = {
  a11y: {
    config: {
      rules: [
          // Page-level semantics cause a violation and need to be reworked.
          // Currently discussing solutions with the accessibility team.
          // @link https://github.com/Shopify/shopify/issues/123
          // @link https://dequeuniversity.com/rules/axe/4.3/landmark-complementary-is-top-level
          id: 'landmark-complementary-is-top-level',
          reviewOnFail: true,

API for A11yTests class


buildPath string

The location of the built Storybook


Returns all the stories from Storybook the story book JSON. If you are using storyStoreV7 in your storybook config this method can provide speed gains.


Returns a filtered list of stories ids. This needs to load all the stories and could be slow depending on the amount of stories.

skippedStoryIds array (optional)

An array of Storybook Story IDs to skip.


Returns the result of testing the stories. Stories that have a11y disabled are skipped.


An array of Storybook IDs to run. These can be retrieved via the currentStoryIds() function.

concurrentCount number (optional)

The number of tabs to open in Chromium. The default option is based off the number of CPU cores available os.cpus().length.

timeout number (optional)

The goto timeout for the provided url. Defaults to 3000

waitUntil PuppeteerLifeCycleEvent (optional)

When to consider navigation succeeded. Defaults to load.

  • load : consider navigation to be finished when the load event is fired.
  • domcontentloaded : consider navigation to be finished when the DOMContentLoaded event is fired.
  • networkidle0 : consider navigation to be finished when there are no more than 0 network connections for at least 500 ms.
  • networkidle2 : consider navigation to be finished when there are no more than 2 network connections for at least 500 ms.




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