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The plugin allows developers to create Shopify theme sections from a variety of files contained in a folder, and combines these files into a single Liquid section file for use on Shopify servers.

Getting Started

First install the plugin

npm install @shopify/slate-sections-plugin --save-dev


yarn add @shopify/slate-sections-plugin --dev

Then add it to your webpack config, an example below.

const SlateSectionsPlugin = require('@shopify/slate-sections-plugin');
const slateSectionsOptions = {
  from: '/absolute/path/to/sections/source',
  to: '/absolute/path/to/sections/output',
module.exports = {
  plugins: [new SlateSectionsPlugin({slateSectionsOptions})],


Option Required? Type Default Description
from Yes String undefined The absolute path to the folder containing your sections, typically ./src/sections
to Yes String undefined The absolute path to the folder where your sections will be outputted to, typically ./dist/sections
genericTemplateName No String 'template.liquid' If you're using the 'Sections as Folders' structure, your template names by default need to be 'template.liquid'. You may change this value if you would like to.

Sections as Liquid Files

You may structure your sections folder by creating separate Liquid files for each section:

├── blog-posts.liquid
├── collection-list.liquid
├── featured-collection.liquid
├── featured-product.liquid
├── footer.liquid
├── header.liquid
├── image-with-text.liquid
├── newsletter.liquid
├── product.liquid
└── rich-text.liquid

This structure simply tells the plugin to copy the Liquid files into the ./dist sections folder

Sections as Folders

You can separate a schema from your Liquid template by creating a folder for each section. This increases maintainability and provides syntax highlighting for your JSON schema objects.

In order to have separate schema files, you must create a folder for the section and within that folder create a template.liquid file which will take the same name as the directory it will live in. You may optionally create a schema.json file containing the section's settings, which will be appended to the Liquid template inside of {% schema %} tags.


├── schema.json
└── template.liquid

This will create an article-template.liquid with the contents of the template.liquid file and with JSON wrapped in {% schema %} tags, which will be copied over to the ./dist sections folder.


This plugin uses the @shopify/slate-translations package which enables you to separate translations into individual locale files allowing for easier maintainability for your theme's merchant-facing translations.

To learn more about structuring your translation files for your section's schema, read the documentation.




npm i @shopify/slate-sections-plugin

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