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Shopify CLI

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With the Shopify command line interface (Shopify CLI 3.0), you can:

  • build custom storefronts and manage their hosting
  • initialize, build, dev, and deploy Shopify apps — and generate app extensions


Before you begin

Install the latest version of Node.js and npm (or another package manager of your choice).


Developing apps with Shopify CLI

When you’re building a Shopify app, you can initialize your project using your preferred package manager. A single command will install all the dependencies you need — including Shopify CLI itself.

Initialize your project using one of the following commands:

  • npm init @shopify/app@latest (installed by default with Node)
  • pnpm create @shopify/create-app@latest
  • yarn create @shopify/app

Learn more in the docs: Create an app


Developing Hydrogen custom storefronts with Shopify CLI

When you’re building a custom storefront, use Hydrogen, Shopify’s React-based framework optimized for headless commerce. Initialize a new Hydrogen app with a fully-featured Demo Store template, or start from scratch with the minimal Hello World template. Shopify Plus stores can deploy their Hydrogen apps to Oxygen, Shopify’s global hosting solution, at no extra cost.

Get started using one of the following commands:

  • npm init @shopify/hydrogen@latest
  • npx @shopify/create-hydrogen@latest
  • pnpm create @shopify/create-hydrogen@latest
  • yarn create @shopify/hydrogen


Help 🖐

If you encounter issues using the CLI or have feedback you'd like to share with us, below are some options:

Contribute 👩🏽‍💻

If you'd like to contribute to the project, check out the contributors docs and the steps to get started.




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