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    A library to convert between various Air Quality Indexes (US, CN...) and their equivalent in pollutant concentration (µg/m³, ppm, ppb).

    Supported Air Quality Indexes

    AQI AQI Code1 Pollutants Resources
    AQI (US) usaEpa co, no2, o3, pm10, pm25, so2 US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) [link]
    AQI (CN) chnMep co, no2, o3, pm10, pm25, so2 China Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) [link]

    We also plan to support other AQIs in the future, see issue #15 if you want to help.

    1: We use the same AQI code as Breezometer, the only difference is that the code here is camelCase, because JavaScript likes camelCase.

    Get Started

    Install the package:

    yarn install @shootismoke/convert

    The package mainly exports the convert function.

    convert(pollutant, from, to, value)

    The function can convert, for any pollutant:

    • from a raw concentration to a supported AQI
    • from a supported AQI to a raw concentration
    • from a supported AQI to another AQI


    • pollutant: Pollutant: One of the supported pollutants, see them.
    • from: AqiCode | 'raw': An AQI code or the 'raw' string
    • to: AqiCode | 'raw': An AQI code or the 'raw' string
    • value: number: The value to convert
    import { convert, getPollutantMeta } from '@shootismoke/convert';
    // Convert PM2.5 from usaEpa AQI to raw concentration
    const raw = convert('pm25', 'usaEpa', 'raw', 57);
    console.log(raw); // 15
    console.log(getPollutantMeta('pm25').preferredUnit); // "µg/m³", which is the unit of the value 15 above
    // Convert PM2.5 from raw concentration to usaEPA AQI
    const aqi = convert('pm25', 'raw', 'usaEpa', 15);
    console.log(aqi); // 57

    Supported Pollutants

    The pollutants the AQIs apply to are: 'bc' | 'co' | 'c6h6' | 'ox' | 'nh3' | 'nmhc' | 'no' | 'nox' | 'no2' | 'o3' | 'pm10' | 'pm25' | 'so2' | 'trs'. Check this file to see the metadata for each pollutant (full name, unit...).

    Full Documentation

    See the API reference documentation.

    🙋 Contribute

    1. Fork the repo
    2. Make your changes in your own fork
    3. Make sure yarn lint and yarn test pass
    4. Create a Pull Request on this repo


    Look out for *.spec.ts in the codebase. Run:

    yarn test

    📰 License

    GPL-3.0. See LICENSE file for more information.




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